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BENZINGA: The Power of Local News and Advertising is Worth Billions

Publisher Daniel Webster is inviting 21 corporations to join the Pongo launch engine to found a new communications network. He just released his plan publicly in his new book “#GoPongo — Launching the World’s Largest Communications Network Connecting Every Device for Every Person in Every Language Everywhere on Earth” on Amazon and at bookstores worldwide.

#GoPongo is currently ranked as the #1 New Release in Media and Communications on Amazon.

In his #GoPongo book, Webster dives into the power of local news and advertising. He explains how major national brands can become trusted local sources. 

“Local news is intensely personal, as it deals with issues which affect a reader personally, where the person lives and their intimate daily life. So too is local advertising,” Webster said. “In a local news environment, local advertising is part of the local news feeling, and is treated as part of the local news experience.”



Amazon #GoPongo ebook, paperback and hardcover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08ZT3M316/  

Daniel Webster on Twitter: @danielwebster http://twitter.com/danielwebster 

Website: http://dweb.news

YouTube Videos: https://youtube.com/user/WordsfromWebster

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