3 cloud architecture mistakes we all make, but shouldn’t

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The only time I had an issue with someone I worked for was when they wanted me to punish a junior IT architect on my staff for making a pretty big mistake. One of the databases was not compatible with a middleware layer already in existence. 

Obviously, this error cost us time and money. But these kinds of mistakes are almost unavoidable when configuring IT systems, cloud computing included. I view them as necessary in the innovation process. If you don’t try new things—and find out some of them don’t work—then you’re not improving anything. I encouraged my boss to find a new line of work, and eventually, he did.

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So, if mistakes are a natural byproduct of creating a good and innovative new architecture, then it’s time to look at the mistakes that are made most often. For cloud architectures, those mistakes should be understood by now and avoided. Here are three that come to mind:

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