dWeb.News Daily Round-Up From Daniel Webster dWeb Internet Cowboy 5.13

Daniel Webster dWeb.News Internet Cowboy RoundUp
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UNTRACEABLE CRYPTOCURRENCY: Colonial Pipeline Pays $5 Million Ransom to Hackers — Pipeline Restarted — Fuel to Market by Monday

ELLEN QUITS SHOW: ‘Not a Challenge Anymore’

GAS BUDDY: Gas Prices Hit $3 Per Gallon Average, First Time Since 2014

SEE IT: You’ve never seen anything like the stunning iPhone 13 concept in this video

Here’s how much your personal information is worth to cybercriminals – and what they do with it

Average woman pops 4,153 pimples in her lifetime — and pandemic is making things worse!

WATCH VIDEO: Scientists launch ‘next generation’ human brain imaging lab

EAT MORE DIRT: Research reveals ancient people had more diverse gut microorganisms

BACKYARD FARMERS: chickens, Rabbits, Soybeans can Meet Household Protein Demand from Your Backyard

AND NOW THIS: COVID-19 found in penile tissue could contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Amazon to stream WNBA games on Prime Video in tech giant’s latest deal with a pro sports league

NO KIDDIN’: Booze Breaks the Ice, Research Shows

ROAD TRIP: Americans eager to travel, but average person hasn’t left home state in nearly 4 years

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson and Ciara sign first-look TV and film production deal with Amazon Studios

Prices Skyrocket — On EVERYTHING

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