Muno-Vax Is Expanding Across the Pond

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bulgarian-based company Muno-Vax has officially made the leap across the Atlantic. It has entered the U.S. marketplace both via brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers. While the brand is still a relatively small entity in the North American market, it has the potential to become a big fish in the continent’s gargantuan health and wellness industry.

Muno-Vax Biotechnologies, LLC is an organization that is focused on one thing: cultivating a healthy immune system. In the words of brand representative Dr. Beau Raines, “We want to convey…that one can have a very healthy immune system thus giving them a much higher quality of life and extending their life span.”

Muno-Vax is attempting to do this through its line of immune support products, which utilize a unique, potent immuno-modulator to keep the immune system in a constant state of “excitement.” Raines also states that “these products are based on over 30 years of proven scientific research.” The company’s products focus on everything immunity-related, from the immune system as a whole to individual areas such as respiratory, oral, and prostate health.

The health and wellness brand has been operating out of Bulgaria for the last few years. It is an offshoot of its parent company, Natstim, Ltd., which has been in existence for the better part of a decade. While Muno-Vax’s business has primarily been Europe-focused, thus far, it officially entered the North American market last year.

This ambitious attempt to push into the large yet saturated U.S. health and wellness industry is a bold move. If the company’s innovative immunity solutions are able to catch on, it could become a game-changer for the industry as a whole. It’s a possibility that only time will reveal, but it remains a distinct possibility as Muno-Vax continues to press into new territory with its one-of-a-kind immune support product line.

About Muno-Vax: Both Muno-Vax and its parent company Natstim, Ltd. operate out of Sofia, Bulgaria. Muno-Vax was created as the marketing and distribution arm of Natstim, which was founded nearly a decade ago. The companies work in close association with The National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases as well as their biotech manufacturing arm, Bulbio, Ltd.

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