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Chevron Launches Chevron xpress lube® Image Program for Qualifying U.S. Fast Lube Owners

“With nearly 7,000 Chevron gas stations in approximately 15 states, the Chevron brand is well recognized for fuels unsurpassed in quality and a steadfast commitment to customer service and satisfaction,” said Dave Schletewitz, Automotive Installed Marketing Manager, Chevron Products Company. “We’re thrilled to extend the valuable Chevron brand into the fast lube automotive service sector. Prospective U.S. owners can harness Chevron’s brand equity, built over decades, to attract the countless consumers that have an affinity for the Chevron brand – helping them to take their business to a new level.”

As part of the program, Chevron xpress lube locations stock and sell Chevron’s premium product brands; Havoline® for passenger car motor oils, automatic transmission fluids, gear lubricants and antifreeze/coolants, Techron® for gasoline and diesel aftermarket fuel additives, and Delo® for heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Brand requirements for maximum visibility and awareness entail primary identification signage at the street and on the building, a dedicated mobile-responsive website and social media platforms, employee uniforms, oil change clings and a digital menu board.

Chevron’s new xpress lube® shopper program, designed to sustain Chevron brand equity, will require xpress lube locations to maintain minimum customer satisfaction and image scores with a built-in reward system for top-performing sites – a system that contributes to high customer retention and acquisition levels. Plus, business owners have access to industry experts that are committed to helping them thrive and achieve their business growth objectives.

“As a family business in facility management and real estate, we were looking to diversify our portfolio and had considered a variety of automotive businesses before landing on the fast lube segment,” says Chris Boschetto, owner of the first Chevron xpress lube in Fountain Hills, AZ. “Given our service background, we liked the emphasis on speed and service with fast lubes and felt Chevron’s well-known brand reputation and image was the right fit for us. We never expected this kind of attentiveness from such a big company. It’s been a really positive experience and we are excited to see our business grow.”

To learn more, visit chevronxpresslube.com. To speak with a sales representative about Chevron xpress lube opportunities call: (866) 354-4476.

About Chevron Products Company                                                                    

Chevron Products Company is a division of an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) headquartered in San Ramon, CA. A full line of lubrication and coolant products are marketed through this organization. Select brands include Havoline®, Delo®, Techron® and Havoline xpress lube®. Chevron Intellectual Property LLC owns patented technology in advanced lubricants products, new generation base oil technology and coolants.   

SOURCE Chevron Products Company

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