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WeGetFinancing to Provide 100% approval for Instant Credit and Deferred Payment Options to IRS Logics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) participating Tax Resolution Firms' customers

Eitan Touboul, Emerging Payments Technologies Inc.’s VP of Sales, said, “We are extremely excited about our inclusion onto IRS Logics’ CRM functionalities. With over 3,000 active Tax Resolution Merchants, IRS Logics understands their customers’ need for instant credit and deferred billing options, especially in an economic environment where credit grantors are slashing credit limits to lower FICO score applicants and raising fees.”

About IRS Logics 
IRS Logics (www.irslogics.com ) is a premier CRM all-encompassing software solution to Tax Resolution businesses throughout the United States since 2001. They specialize in facilitating all complex IRS rules as well as generate and send out up-to-date IRS forms along with managing all accounts in real time and monitoring billing and leads activities for some of the most successful Tax Resolution Firms in the country. Their vast array of financial and accounting partners combined with their payment processing technology allows them to tailor solutions to match the individual needs of each client. Whether the client is on the Top 10 list or just starting out, IRS Logics has a program for all merchants regardless of their size.

About WeGetFinancing: 
WeGetFinancing (http://www.wegetfinancing.com) is the main brand of Emerging Payments Technologies, Inc., a leader in Buy Now Pay Later Solutions for over 15 years. Emerging Payments Technologies, Inc. began developing the WeGetFinancing platform and brand in 2004 to lead the trend in online billing, and dynamic e-Commerce credit.  Express Verifiable Authorization is the cornerstone of the WeGetFinancing process. Patented in 2007*, it allows WeGetFinancing to identify and qualify applicants and make instantaneous credit decisions in less than 5 seconds. WeGetFinancing’s founder has built several major companies and is a recognized internet business leader in the US and Europe in the mainstream and alternative payments industries.

*Patent #US 7,177,837,B2

WeGetFinancing contact: Eitan Touboul 
201-865-7600 x115

SOURCE WeGetFinancing

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