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POPS'™ Famous Brand Whisky Celebrates Father's Day with the Release of a Fresh Batch of Their 4-Time Gold Medal Winning Whisky – Father-Son Whisky Company Creating Award Winning, Critically Acclaimed Blended Canadian Whisky…in Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, Texas, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — POPS’ Famous Brand Whisky (https://popsfamousbrand.com/) recently highlighted its 4th Gold Medal award-winning, proprietary family recipe as a fantastic Father’s Day gift for the laid back, easy going, epic dad lookin’ for an everyday easy sippin’ whisky. 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, ASCOT Awards, and 2-time John Barleycorn Awards GOLD Medal recipient, POPS’ Whisky is a proprietary blend of carefully selected oak-aged barrels of 3- to 14-year-old Corn and Rye whiskies from Quebec, imported to Austin, TX, carefully blended to taste and proofed to 42% with Texas Hill Country limestone water. Crafted in small batches no more than 500 cases at a time, POPS’ is available in your favorite retailers in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Colorado. POPS’ also offers convenient front-door delivery just about everywhere through its website for individual customers.

POPS’: A Family Legacy of Pure Whisky Blended in Texas

“Our whisky brand has always been a deeply personal family story, especially celebrating the kind of bond that exists between a father and his kid(s),” said Scott Haro. “We love to tell our story because it’s at the heart of who we are – it’s a legacy brand. My grandfather, Alfonso Haro immigrated to the US from Spain the first year Prohibition became law. At that time, Canadian Whisky was the only whisky you could get, so he developed a fond taste for it while working in the steel mills. Twenty-three years later, he’d saved enough money to move his wife and family to a one-stop-light town, and opened our family’s restaurant: the Hamlet Café & Haro Lanes in 1943. And that’s when the POPS’ Whisky legend really takes shape. Unable to get a liquor license with his immigrant status, there was a lone, large hidden glass jug of my grandfather’s favorite blended whisky in that restaurant with a single piece of tape across the front that read POPS – and those comfortable enough with Al and Angie (my grandparents) knew to order a glass of ‘Pops’ Whisky.’ The brand was born.

“Growing up hearing the story from my pops – of his ‘POPS’ Famous Brand of whisky – has always been a fun bit of our family history, and in 2017 we decided to bring it back to life in a meaningful way. We’ve grown quite a bit as a company since then, but it’s so important for us to remain close to the core of what this brand is all about – celebrating every moment together in life – big and small. Or as Pops’ says, celebrate EVERYTHING! Each bottle’s back label has a small open space allowing people to write in what they want to commemorate.”

POPS’ is the proud recipient of multiple prestigious tasting awards, including gold medal distinctions from the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the 2021 American Spirits Council of Tasters (ASCOT) Awards, and the 2020 Society of Spirits Writers and Marketers John Barleycorn Awards. A John Barleycorn judge specifically noted during the competition: “This is a subtle drinking whisky with delicate features, but a thoughtful display of structure. It’s bright at the end, showing fresh citrus over the soft base sweetness. Everything I’d want in an old school Canadian Rye and then some…”

For more information on the story of POPS’, visit them online. Or follow POPS’ on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.   

About POPS’ Famous Brand Whisky:

Established in 1943, POPS’ is a proprietary blend of carefully crafted whisky from selected barrels of 3- to 14-year-old unadulterated corn and rye whiskies. Proofed to 42% with Texas spring water added, before being bottled and labeled, POPS’ has always been just pure whisky and water: no sugar, glycerol or flavorings added. Meticulously crafted “to taste” by a father/son team, POPS’ is intended to be a light, easy sipping, easy mixing, approachable whisky. Either neat, or with your favorite soda, POPS’ is a delicious way to enjoy a cocktail (we recommend a Manhattan or Old Fashioned). And holding true to POPS’ philosophy to “Celebrate Everything!”, every single bottle of your POPS’ whisky can be personalized using the convenient “This bottle is celebrating…” label on the back.

Discover your favorite new whisky at: www.PopsFamousBrand.com 

Media Contact:
Scott Haro, Founder/Owner/Pops’ Son
[email protected]

SOURCE POPS’ Famous Brand Whisky

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