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Suzhou Frontera Therapeutics Starts Manufacturing Facility Construction

Dr. Dai Yong, Co-Founder and CEO of Frontera, faraway in Boston now, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of SIPAC and bioBay for their strong support as well as the investors for their trust. Dr. Dai pointed out that in today’s world, the total amount of patients with rare diseases caused by genetic genes has exceeded that of AIDS and cancer. Rare diseases are not rare, but facing the predicament of difficult diagnosis and lack of medicine. Over 95% of rare diseases are in the lack of effective treatment. While the gene therapy industry in China has just started, the enterprises are facing great challenges in optimizing production process and expanding the scale of commercialization. Since its establishment, Frontera has rapidly built up a strong team consisting of CMC upstream and downstream processes, preclinical, IND application and clinical trial talents, showing its amazing growth speed and development potential to the outer world.

About Frontera

Frontera was established by Creation Capital and OrbiMed Capital, which are well-known funds in biotech industry. Frontera’s product pipeline covers ophthalmology, blood, genetic and metabolic neuromuscular diseases and so on. Relying on its leading scientific research team and professionals with rich experience in innovative drug R & D, clinical research, registration and production management in China and the United States, Frontera already started to promote products to preclinical animal experiment stage in less than one year. The construction of Suzhou manufacturing facility has also been officially started.

SOURCE Frontera Therapeutics

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