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Upcoming Artist JakeTheEngineer is Presenting a Unique Hip Hop Style with an Eccentric Edge

Artist JakeTheEngineer is taking the hip hop world on a whirlwind journey through his soundscape of thematic lyrics, energetic production, and a grungy exterior.

Atlanta, Georgia Jun 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Music artist JakeTheEngineer is presenting his own interpretation of lyrical hip hop with an eccentric edge to it. He recently came out with the EP, ‘Seeing Red’ which is gradually turning large masses of audiences to reach out to his music. The EP comprises the song ‘Seeing Red‘ that introduces the audience to his quirk and individuality for the very first time. As everyone listens in awe of his immersive production, one cannot but appreciate his creative control over the whole song through the power of his voice.

Two other songs from the same EP, ‘Im a Threat‘ and ‘Wut U Want‘ display more of his skills as a songwriter. His thematic bonds take the audience on a lustrous journey of rap verses, musical epiphany, and rhythmic assertions. Some of his other songs that contribute to defining his soundscape include ‘Chamber of Secrets’, ‘Ring the Alarm’, and ‘RealRThan You’ all of which features in his new EP. Although a hip hop artist, his style is completely different from the rest with his use of commotion and undulations throughout the music.

Originally born Jack Williams, JakeTheEngineer is an upcoming artist who was born in Syracuse New York but later moved to Statesville, North Carolina. He is currently working and based out of Atlanta, Georgia. His soundscape is a unique abstraction of hip hop and rap as he creates new lyrical and musical augmentation through his experiments. This diverse and distinctive musical identity is an important aspect of his career. Follow him on Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud for more updates.

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