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Multi-Instrumentalist and Award-Winner Singer Taurie Released a Brand New Track ‘Happily Falling’

The iconic songstress Taurie has come up with an overwhelming R&B track ‘Happily Falling’ reflecting her growing passion for music with a strong message.

East Orange, New Jersey Jun 14, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The pride of Soul and pop music, Taurie is trying to make her fan base stronger than ever with the blissful notes in the new song Happily Falling. She is a melting pot of culture, allowing her deepest core to find happiness in the world of soothing harmonies and stimulating hymns. Her music vault is classified with versatile genres such as pop, R&B, Soul, Soft rock, and Nigerian Pop music. She creates a peaceful amalgam of sounds that make your heart a tinderbox. Creating music has always been her passion because it gives her room to share her thoughts with the world. Luxurious melodies in the new song arise in turn, and the music supports the alteration and progression in such a way that you may appreciate a variety of musical passages – including a faint yet cool flicker of electric guitar. As previously noted, it is a tiny touch, yet it contributes to the track’s character and inventiveness.

She has been awarded at the prestigious Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) for the ‘MISTLETOE’ music video. Her advent in the music industry has been noted by sensuous singles she uploaded on her Spotify profile. The Soul singer is the master of all tricks when it comes to art. She has embraced every newness she came across on her way to hold a strong footing in the industry. She is a well-known dancer, model, producer, lyricist; on top of that, she can play different instruments to open her mind to the global music culture.

Taurie‘s new emotive single ‘Happily Falling’ carries the breath of fresh air. The beginning riff has a lovely subtlety to it that rapidly becomes a significant feature of the track. You notice these moments of musical distinctiveness as much as you do the hook – they are shorter in duration, but they occur frequently enough that you know the song when it plays. Everything here works wonderfully to establish the appropriate platform for her swagger and flair to shine brilliantly. It’s a great release that effectively showcases the artist’s creative vision and personality. Follow her on her website, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest news regarding her music.

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