/ / / ROBTOP has enticed the fans with classic rap tunes and breathy rap vocals in the track ‘Fly away’

ROBTOP has enticed the fans with classic rap tunes and breathy rap vocals in the track ‘Fly away’

The very gifted Spokane rapper ROBTOP has injected intoxicating rap vibes with melodic loops in the minds of the listeners with the brilliant number ‘Fly away’.

Spokane, Washington Jun 15, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The prolific rap musician, ROBTOP is also known as Robbie Coulter has turned on the heat with tripped-up rhythms in his recent track. He has joined the party with the audiences with his mind-blowing song ‘Fly away’ featuring the very talented Apollo the wave and Vxlious. The smart rap verses by the Spokane rapper have packed in a lot of punches with an impeccable groove. The new style adopted by the rapper has struck a chord with the fans and it has been a stellar show. Among the latest achievements by the rapper, his tracks have reached more than 55k people with their strong melodies and whip-smart hook-line.

The track, Fly away has riveting vocals and a stunning memorable edge. The rapper, ROBTOP has engaged the fans with his cool funk. He has advised all aspiring musicians to hold their ground in front of all adversaries. He also suggested they not hear the negative remarks made by the critics and rather go through the grind to dish out amazing music. He has told them to keep going against all kinds of odds. Recently, two of his brilliant numbers are played for the audiences by the radio station. The fans can know about his upcoming ventures through updates on his Instagram handle. 

The track has got a bone-crunching speed and the rapper has treated the fans with smart rap delivery. The rapper spent a minimum of two hours every day dishing out scintillating stuff. He has the knack of choosing between quite a few melodies before selecting the exact tune for his tracks. He is all set to deliver music videos on YouTube and keeping his fingers crossed for it to be successful. Another popular number by the artist is all set to get great reviews and win a popular contest held in May. His mind-blowing tracks are available on Soundcloud.

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