/ / / American EDM artist Breezo with Exys’ highly creative single, ‘Stargazing’ takes you to a melodic reverie

American EDM artist Breezo with Exys’ highly creative single, ‘Stargazing’ takes you to a melodic reverie

Upcoming EDM musician Breezo with Exys creates an electronic whirlwind of genuine emotions in his newly released reverberated soundtrack, ‘Stargazing’.

Miami, Florida Jun 16, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Many musicians have chosen the genre of electronic music due to its immense flexibility and futuristic resonance. Young and promising EDM artist Breezo with Exys is opening up newer possibilities to the genre by opening doors to different thematic elements and styles. He has recently dished out a brand new single, Stargazingon major streaming platforms exuding a surreal melodic aura. The reverberated symphony consisting of diverse rhythmic elements along with powerful synth resonance offers the audience an out-worldly experience of sonic bliss. The entire song manages to keep a steady rhythmic flow that channels his mental energy into the melody.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, the multi-talented musician is quite easy-going and hardworking. He has been involved with music from a very young age. He soon developed a strong fondness for the electronic dance music genre inspired by its boundless number of possibilities. He utilizes his full capability in terms of artistic imagination and its perfect execution. He transforms his positive thoughts and feelings into a boisterous rhythmic flow with such accuracy that is rare in the current music industry.

The young and talented EDM artist is determined to give his listeners an escape from the monotonous reality with his exuberant creations. Breezo with Exys has emerged into the global electronic music scene armed with his amazing thematic understandings and creative talent. His latest number, ‘Stargazing’ is full of optimistic energy that uplifts the spirit of the audience. The audience will be able to experience pure joy and happiness with the track. Follow him on Spotify for more upcoming music.

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