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O’Neill Fernandes Inspires the Youth with the Bright Chords and Guitar Riffs in the Music Release ‘Hold On Tight’

The Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes takes the globe by storm with his latest music video ‘Hold On Tight’ on YouTube, which is designed to relieve tension.

Perth, Western Australia Jun 16, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – It is good to see that O’Neill Fernandes, an Australian artist, and producer, is gaining long-awaited recognition with his new music video for Hold On Tight. It’s a delicate pop-rock instrumental that introduces new rhythms and the essence of today’s worldwide music taste. Though the upcoming dynamic Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes is becoming increasingly successful in the US music charts, he draws inspiration from his origins in Australia’s outback. This new music video’s rhythmic flow is about the joy of life and the balance of hardship that has become typical in our lives. It is the newest music video of the year, and its popularity is steadily increasing. It’s a sophisticated and powerful collection of rhythms created and played by the instrumentalist and inspired by his own personal experiences. All of the intricate guitar strums highlight a very skilled guitarist with a lovely and unique ability to keep a subtle flow, with genuine, honest, and true emotion.

Though O’Neill Fernandes is on the edge of a blockbuster with his new music video ‘Hold On Tight’, he never forgets where he came from, as he portrays that in the music video. He gives this release an epic start with a terrific mix and great production – an almost rock ballad background with smooth lead guitar. The artist’s amazing guitar strums show brightly as the chorus begins. A very great music release that starts with a boom and demonstrates very clearly that he has a fully unique sound. He is a devout follower of both contemporary and vintage pop, rock, R&B, and reggae. He created this music video to address typical lifestyle difficulties and challenges that we encounter when we confront inescapable insecurity. The undulation of peppy rhythms and classic rock riffs will make the viewers happy. The high jinks with lovely melodies are highly fashionable, accentuating the song’s mood. It portrays small reasons to celebrate, his enormous enthusiasm and dedication to the world of music. The startling rock rhythms may infuriate you, yet the screen presentation was designed with beats that will make you bob your head in time.

He has started from the bottom with nothing but his zeal to learn and love music for the rest of his life. From a normal kid with his love for music, he has become one of the greatest upcoming pop artists in Australia. He has turned into a major DJ in the massive continent and continues to produce music for his YouTube channel. He runs his own production company, through which he created his most recent music releases for his YouTube followers. He enjoys music and has the ability to master genres such as R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop, and Pop. In his new music video, he demonstrates his value as an artist, with an appealing chorus that will stay with you. He has released Let’s Dance…Vol.3, which is an experimental music project that mingles with all sorts of music genres that are currently trending in the market. Get all the new songs and music videos to feel a good time on his YouTube and Facebook profile.

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