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Pramod Gazta is successful Himachali Folk Singer

Pramod Gazta is a Indian music artist, actor, and writer. Pramod Gazta does both things sings and write the songs.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Jun 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Pramod Gazta is an Indian music artist, actor, and writer. His interest in writing and singing songs has made him a familiar face through this medium since his student days. He is now known as a Singer in Indian after 10 years. Pramod Gazta is both singer and an actor, and a writer.

In 2019, he created a music label called “Pramod Gazta Records” for the growing up Indian artists.

Pramod Gazta has already been verified as the official international music platform on YouTube, Jiosavaan, and Spotify. His channel was confirmed as the official artist channel on YouTube in January 2021, and he has recently got a place in artist verification and selection from Spotify.

He recently said, “Actually, a composer is an art form that requires a lot of skill to do about his career as a composer and lyricist. I always try to learn new tunes, and you need a lot of knowledge to be a lyricist. I try to know a lot of information abroad. I have a passion for understanding many desired stories. I often meet many strangers and try to inform my listeners about their lifestyle, life struggles, and much more. 

Regarding the state of work through digital in Corona situation, he said it is impossible to go outside the house and do a regular job in an epidemic situation. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go there. So at the moment, I am trying to publish songs from home through YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, and all the streaming apps. In this situation, I think these are the best means.

Pramod Gazta told us about his plans in digital media, “I have worked with a lot of production houses, but now it is time to work on my own YouTube channel.

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