Upcoming Bass Producer Zeon Has Come Up With His Heart-Throbbing Dubstep Single, ‘Fracture’

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Join the dance floor with Zeon and his latest dubstep track ‘Fracture’. The artist is a talented bass music producer who is dwelling in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles, California Jun 16, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Uber-talented music producer Zeon is inviting listeners to join an electronic realm through the latest track ‘Fracture’. This musical powerhouse has done a brilliant job in crafting this track with earth-shattering bass grooves along with a punch of energy and emotions. The bass-soaked musical arrangement sounds quite enticing which is made more quirky and enjoyable with the vocal prompts and multiple immersive moments. As the track shifts with every smooth transition, there is a rising sense of evolution. The track is broken down and again assembled which keeps the flow going while consistently making listeners go forth and back. The track is captivating and churns out a unique essence of dubstep music.

Hailing from Los Angeles in California, this versatile bass music producer grew his passion for music at a young age and nurtured his skills and sense of music, as he grew up. The artist has a goal to offer listeners something so unique that they have never heard before. Surprising and refreshing, his musical representations are capable of inspiring everyone. With his versatility, the artist can dabble among various BPM’s and creates unique compositions. The other tracks like, ‘Doomsday’, ‘One Life’, ‘Hurt Before’, ‘Hostile, ‘Incubus’, etc are the proof of this artist’s creativity, skills, and consistency.

The latest track Fracture is helping him reach the peak of success while providing listeners something new. Just like the track’s title suggests, the hefty dose musical arrangement creates something with a sense of fractured or broken down yet sounds complete and fulfilling. Follow Zeon on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to know more.

To listen to this song visit the given link:https://open.spotify.com/track/1q76bMoCAIyU1NgLOB4phW

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