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Upcoming pop star Nea Rey seems a little known

Dominican singer-songwriter Nea Rey is an upcoming solo pop/lo-fi artist signed by Flatiron Music Group.

New York City, New York Jun 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Upcoming artist Nea Rey is up to no good when it comes to Music but can we blame her? The Dominican singer-songwriter is coming out with her new debut single “Rising” from her first-ever album “Meanwhile At Summer” & we’re here for it. Just after the release of her single “I Will Be There” things got a little over-head when we finally found out that Rey had a debut record in the past under her legal name “Janix Mendez”. The infinite LGBTQ+ activist & advocate had her Twitter account hacked unfortunately but before anything of that happened the songwriter stated “I will be taking a break from music, it hasn’t been healthy for me lately, I’ve been getting a lot of attention and not the good kind because of my sexuality, men are pulling up to my DM’s and the messages are not what to expect.”

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