Upcoming Hip Hop Artist Attilda Forbes’ New Release ‘The Vibe’ Is an RnB Infused Track

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Hip hop and R&B artist Attilda Forbes is putting together a soundscape of contemporary flavors and her single ‘The Vibes’ with Benny Franks presents similar goals.

Oakland, California Jun 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Upcoming artist Attilda Forbes is putting together an incredible soundscape comprising of the contemporary styles of hip hop, rap, and R&B. She recently collaborated with fellow artist Benny Franks for their new single, ‘The Vibe‘ that presents a unique union between the two genres. Both artists are accomplished rappers who know their art well. Their spontaneity and expertise of word delivery give the song a whole another edge. With a chorus that shines with roaring R&B styles, the whole song comes to a full circle.

The artist was raised in Oakland, California, and is associated with her home label, Huslin Dream Records. The song, ‘The Vibe‘ is a relatable saga that allows her fans to gain closure through her creative contribution to their lives. Emotional and impactful, the song reaches the audience based on subjective interpretation. Both artists perform with their best foot forward and emerge with a successful musical story. The infusion of hip hop, rap, and R&B paves the way for a greater audience stream. In terms of their sound, the hybrid style allows them to experiment with more production changes.

Artist Attilda Forbes always had a passion for singing, music, and performing arts. She started writing her music in junior high school and later also founded her record label, Huslin Dream Records. Her other song, also with Benny Franks, ‘If You Ready’ presents a beautiful and engaging musical course. Her potential is visible as she gradually finds more exposure in the relevant music scene. For more updates on her music, follow her on Spotify, and Instagram.

Listen to the song of Attilda Forbes visit the given link:https://open.spotify.com/track/26j6Lx7BiwCEgIWIIDkxZ7

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