Groove with the Invigorating Essence of Hip Hop With V.I THE BOSS and His Latest OG Track, ‘ISSUES’

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Creating a new root for new age hip hop music, V.I THE BOSS is captivating everyone with his latest banger ‘ISSUES’. The music video is produced by Dream Ent.

Las Vegas, Nevada Jun 18, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Featuring neon-soaked night aesthetics and a brilliant representation of hip hop, V.I THE BOSS has come up with his latest banger ISSUESalong with an official music video. The banger is combined with a razor-sharp lyrical flow and a hypnotic musical arrangement with which is portrayed in the music video. It is directed by SPIZZBERG who successfully captured the unwavering personality of the artist. Featuring cars, guns, swanky gangster lifestyle perfectly toned with lights and color, the video provided adequate visual support to the banger’s authentic essence and mood. The rapper has done a great job with the lyrical flow and rhythmic hold, which are perfectly balanced with each other.

Hailing from Los Angeles, this rapper has been making some worthy progress through each of his releases. He has churned out a unique flavor of hip hop and rap music with his talent, skill, and individuality. A rapper, songwriter, and role model for everyone, V.I THE BOSS has been making music since 2015. He has been inspiring his listeners as well as fellow rappers in the industry with his creativity. Throughout his whole musical career and still continuing, he has dropped many enticing singles like ‘HOW I FEEL’, ‘FAST DOE’, ‘TRAP LINE 2’, ‘SAUCE’, ‘ROCKIN AND ROLLING’, ‘Live it up’, etc many others. Each of them created significant buzz among hip hop enthusiasts. Filled with an ample amount of grit, weight, and depth, each of the bangers paved the artist’s way to success while keeping a signature on it.

The latest release ‘ISSUES’ is the perfect example of his consistency and constantly evolving nature which makes his rapping style dynamic and rich. Clever wordplay, fast pace, and relatable subject matter do not fail to impress the listener and engage them. Just like the title suggests, the track deals with the issues of life seen from the artist’s perspective in a metaphoric sense. Powerful and confident deliverance makes it, even more, impact while his eclecticism sprawls out. Follow this artist on YouTube watch the latest music video and previous songs as well. V.I THE BOSS is also available on Instagram and Twitter.

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