Upcoming Singer-Songwriter John Allan’s New Melodic Single, ‘King In Zion’ Boosts the Optimistic Senses in US

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Promising musician John Allan creates a beautiful saga of uplifting melodies and extraordinary singing in his newly released soundtrack, ‘King In Zion’.

Corona, California Jun 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Music has its own way of impacting the mass with its rhythmic and lyrical influence. Inspired by this element of music, aspiring singer-songwriter John Allan has devoted his life to art. He has recently released a brilliant soundtrack, King In Zion‘ on major streaming platforms giving the listeners something to look up to. The track is part of his album, ‘A Highway Of Praise Is Filling The Room And Soaring To Heaven’ which has been released recently.

The prolific musician has been practicing singing and songwriting for years. He has been able to establish a soundscape rich in rare versatility with his inborn talent for singing and a superb creative mind. His vocal prowess is the cherry on top bringing unbound depth to the song and its lyrical illustration. The gifted musician has been able to form a powerful mental bond with the audience with his relatable and emotional performances.

The multi-talented artist has shown equal dexterity in singing and songwriting in his latest creation, ‘King In Zion’. It promotes a positive message through his captivating singing and inspirational libretto. John Allan surprised the listeners with an exceptional blend of nostalgia and modern resonance in the track. His other masterpieces, ‘Born To Praise’, ‘A Highway Of Praise Is Filling The Room And Soaring To Heaven’, ‘I Raise A Toast To Live’, ‘The Faithful Night’, and more from the album also prove his creative majesty. Listen to his music and follow him on Spotify for more updates on his upcoming projects.

Just go for this track ‘King In Zion’ by John Allan: 


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