Prior to launch, reprogrammable satellite fuelled

Reprogrammable satellite fuelled prior to launch
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By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News



A sophisticated satellite for telecommunication has been fuelled and is ready to launch on 30 July.

Quantum is an ESA Partnership Project. It was developed under a Quantum project. The beams can be adjusted by pressing a button to deliver more data when there is a surge in demand. This was possible thanks to the collaboration of all industrial partners as part of an ESA Partnership Project with satellite operator Eutelsat. The UK’s flagship project, most of the satellites were developed and manufactured in the UK. Airbus was the prime contractor and manufactured the satellite’s payload. Surry Satellite Technology Ltd produced the new platform. Simon Weinberg, ESA Project Manager, Quantum Partnership Project, said that the successful development of the satellite is another ESA Partnership Project. In this case, the operator Eutelsat and the satellite manufacturers Airbus were able to derisk partners’ investments in order to meet market needs. Frederic Piro (Eutelsat Quantum Programme manager) says that this collaboration is a great example teamwork because the teams had to face many uncertainties and challenges as a result of the recent global pandemic. Arianespace operates the Ariane 5 rocket at Europe’s Spaceport. It can carry payloads more than 10 tonnes to geostationary orbit and more than 20 tonnes into low-Earth orbit. Its performance is in perfect harmony with Europe’s Vega light lift launch vehicle and Soyuz. Europe’s next-generation Ariane 6 rocket will eventually replace Ariane 5. It is available in two versions and can perform a wide variety of missions to any orbit.

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