$25.3M Raised to Support Leo Cancer Care’s Mission to Be ‘The More Human Way to Deliver Radiation Therapy.’

$25.3M Raised for Leo Cancer Care to Continue Their Mission to be 'The More Human Way to Deliver Radiation Therapy'
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By Daniel Webster, dweb.News

Leo Cancer Care, a start-up company that is changing the face of Radiation Therapy, is innovative. They have just completed their Series B fundraising activities through parent company Asto CT Inc. with the Pureland Global Venture team. The fundraise attracted investments from investors all over the world. Some of the largest investors were Yu Galaxy, WARF and Junson Capital, as well as industry leaders CHC and Toret Devices, Radiation Business Solutions, and Cosylab.
This collaboration resulted in $25.3M being raised for Leo Cancer Care to continue developing their state-of the-art upright radiotherapy systems, which offer significant improvements in clinical effectiveness and patient experience.
“Leo Cancer Care was founded to revolutionize Radiation Therapy. We believe that only with incredible partners can we achieve those goals. Pureland Ventures has been an amazing partner on this journey, so it is great to have them lead the Series B financing round. It is exciting to see the industry invest in such a diverse range of projects. This shows that everyone shares our vision for driving positive change.
This funding will allow Leo Cancer Care to continue to commercialize upright technology and allow us expand our focus to include conventional photon technology,” Stephen Towe CEO of Leo Cancer Care.
Leo Cancer Care will use the investment to expand their teams in the US and Europe, as well as to continue developing their upright radiotherapy solutions. This will make Proton Therapy and Particle Therapy more accessible than ever. Leo Cancer Care’s fixed beam gantry-less radiotherapy solutions have a smaller footprint than existing machines. This makes them more affordable, easier to maintain, and much easier to use. Leo Cancer Care is able to offer Photon Therapy to patients on the move by removing the need to have a gantry. They also plan to create a mobile option that will allow them to provide this treatment to more people in more locations.
“It is with great pleasure that I announce my support for Leo Cancer Care as part their recent fundraising process. We believe in the company and believe it will revolutionize the way cancer treatment is done. We are committed to working with the management team post-investment to achieve more milestones, including bringing these solutions into the global market. This aligns with Pureland Global Venture’s mission to deliver healthcare value to the global healthcare system,” Mark Wang, Managing Partner of Pureland Global Venture.
Leo Cancer Care
Leo Cancer Care is committed to providing radiation therapy in a more humane way. Their extensive range of world-class radiation therapy options can offer a quick and efficient treatment that makes the patient feel confident and in control. Leo Cancer Care was built on research from around the world that shows the clinical benefits of upright patient position. This, combined with a shift in patient rotation from machine rotation, Leo Cancer Care will make radiation therapy more accessible than ever.
To find out more about Leo Cancer Care visit: http://www.leocancercare.com
Pureland Global Venture
Pureland Global Venture, a direct investment fund that is based in Singapore, focuses on deals in the medical technology sector. They invest in emerging companies that can add value to patient care systems, save lives, or reduce gaps between supply and demand. Pureland Global Venture supports entrepreneurs in their quest to bring innovative healthcare solutions to the world, for the benefit of patients.
To find out more about Pureland Global Venture visit: http://www.purelandgroup.co/
Press release distributed by Pressat for Leo Cancer Care on Tuesday, 20 July 2021. For more information subscribe and follow https://pressat.co.uk/
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