Citizens Against Government Waste Names Rep. Peter DeFazio July 2020 Porker of the month

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By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News

WASHINGTON– (BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), named Peter DeFazio, Chairman of the House Transportation Committee (D-Ore.), our July 2021 Porker-of-the Month for introducing INVEST in America Act, a wasteful and earmark-laden legislation.

Representative DeFazio was the one who led the effort to pass the $715 billion transportation bill. It is a five-year, exorbitantly costly bill that covers $715 billion. It is full of wasteful spending and earmarks. Only half of the money is allocated for traditional infrastructure. The bill includes 1,473 earmarks that cost taxpayers $5.66 Billion. Democrats received more money than Republicans for $3.96 billion to $1.7 Billion. Bicycle paths, sidewalks, as well as beautification projects were all included in the earmarks. Representatives of Congress went all in on funding bike paths. They included $4 million from Rep. James Clyburn (D.S.C.), $3.8 million from Rep. Ro Khanna, (D.Calif.), and $3 million from Rep. Eleanor Norton, (D.C.), for protected bike lanes. Rep. Jason Crow (D.Colo.) provided $800,000. Rep. Garett Graves, R-La. Rep. Garett Graves (R-La.) requested $945.6 million to build a bridge in his district. However, the project was not funded. “Amtrak Joe Biden” is appeased by the INVEST in America Act, which sets aside $29 billion over five year for Amtrak. This is more than double its current annual budget of $2.7 million. Rep. DeFazio also included Green New Deal policies. He claimed that “We have a new existential problem, which is climate change.” These policies are not allowed in the bill, which is supposed be focused on traditional infrastructure.

Tom Schatz, President of CAGW, stated that the House version was a clear example of legislators jumping at the chance to include “earmarks”. This creates a dangerous precedent that will be a problem for all future spending bills. The INVEST in America Bill not only proves that bringing back earmarks is a grave mistake, but also shows that Congress members cannot help but waste taxpayer dollars. The INVEST in America Act by Rep. DeFazio is a poor investment for America and taxpayers. It increases spending on the rails by allowing for hundreds of billions of dollars in unrelated infrastructure spending and billons of earmarks. Rep. DeFazio was the obvious choice for this month’s Porker.

Citizens Against Government Waste, a non-partisan nonprofit organization, is dedicated to eliminating waste and fraud in government. Porker of the month is a dubious honor that has been given to politicians and government officials who have shown a complete disregard for taxpayers’ interests for more than two decades.

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