City Shoppe, the Marketplace for Small Businesses Expands Services in Chicago

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By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News

AUSTIN (TEXAS), July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), — City Shoppe, the leading e-commerce platform for conscious consumers to discover small businesses (shoppes), today announced that Chicago, Illinois has been launched as its newest location. This is the fifth metro to receive official ecommerce support through the City Shoppe platform. Chicago-area small business owners have the opportunity to join the City Shoppe platform to sell, build brand awareness, and increase market share. Ash Cintas, founder and CEO of City Shoppe, stated that Chicago is the heartbeat in the Midwest. Many small businesses need the support from an ethical ecommerce site such as City Shoppe to reach customers. City Shoppe partners with some of Chicago’s most unique small businesses, including candles that infuse homes with delicious scents. City Shoppe is a twist to the growing “Buy Local” movement as a two way marketplace. City Shoppe empowers small business owners (shoppes) to automate their businesses, increase their revenues, and focus on their forte offerings. City Shoppe is currently free to new shoppes and offers a range of attractive, white-glove service options, including virtual shoppe creation and 24/7 customer support. They also offer scheduled shipping and delivery, brand awareness and discovery, cross marketing opportunities, automatic POS integration, and website synchronization. Shoppes can focus on their strengths and provide more support to City Shoppe. City Shoppe is a platform that connects conscious consumers to carefully curated brands. This helps to strengthen the local economy and support brands that align with customer values and beliefs. City Shoppe allows local Chicagoans and tourists to shop in their own neighborhoods, such as Beverly & Third. The City Shoppe directory can be used by consumers who want to browse Chicago’s many small businesses. This includes The Frenchie Store in Elgin, Illinois. The City Shoppe marketplace currently supports hundreds of shopspes from all over the US. If the gift recipient or customer is local, delivery is free and curbside delivery is possible. Research shows that consumers spend $100 at national chains, but only $43 stays in the community. “Buying local” allows for an average of $25 more to stay in the community. City Shoppe is a platform that addresses the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, listening to their priorities and encouraging conscious consumer spending. City Shoppe customers positively impact local economies. This allows revenue to stay in the localities and local state taxes. City Shoppe will launch its small business services in 15 more metros this year. It will also help hundreds of Shoppes around the US that are already represented on the platform. City Shoppe will have hundreds more shoppes by the end 2021. Visit for more information. ABOUT CITY SHOPPECITY Shoppe was founded in Portland (OR), and is now based in Austin (TX). It is a unique shopping platform that connects local businesses worldwide. City Shoppe was founded in 2018 by Ashley Cintas. It is a marketplace that allows consumers to shop in their local area and empowers small business owners to grow their revenue. City Shoppe will soon expand to support hundreds more Shoppes across the country by the end of 2021. Visit for more information about City Shoppe. ###

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