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Danger on two wheels: Cyclist deaths in Germany are on the rise

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News

The latest figures will be a concern for Germany’s cyclists. Provisional data from Federal Statistical Office shows that on roads in 2018 were 15% higher than the previous year, with 445 people dying. This alarming figure rises to 27% when you consider the number of people who died riding partially motorized ‘e-bikes’. 89 of these were killed in traffic accidents.
Experts predict that this number will rise in 2019, and not only is it higher than in 2018. Siegfried Brockman, UDV Institute’s head of accident research in insurance, has a sobering prediction for 2019.
“There are more cyclists, more bikes and soon, there will be ebikes as well. It would be reasonable to expect infrastructure to keep up with the new developments and not just follow them. But we are far from that.
Brockman says that more people choose two wheels to the safety of a vehicle or walking over riding on the streets. Brockman also said that hot weather is a factor, with the upward trend expected to continue “unless there is a truly terrible summer and nobody gets on their bike.”
The only thing that could prevent another increase in temperature is a , wet summer. This is not a good scenario for most people, but it may help to the heat.
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