Gen:Lock, 50th Champion and More are Included in the Largest Update of Paladins to Date

Gen:Lock, 50th Champion, and More Arrive in the Largest Paladins Update to Date
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By Daniel Webster, dweb.News

The latest Paladins update includes plenty of new content, including the first ever crossover featuring “Gen:Lock”, the hit Rooster Teeth show.
The Event Pass has been transformed to a Crossover Pass for this patch. This increases the number of reward levels as well as adding five premium skins that are based on famous heroes from the show. Cammie, the dagger-throwing technophile Cammie, becomes Cammie, while Zhin, the deadly sword-swinging Zhin, takes on a rebellious streak and is now called Kazu. The cocky sniper Kinessa becomes the elite crackshot Valentina, while Lex, a headhunting lawyer, becomes the formidable Yasamin. Finally, Viktor, a battle-hardened soldier, takes over as team leader Chase and completes the Gen:Lock roster.

Players can also earn rewards like death stamps and sprays.
The Gen:Lock patch includes all of this content as well as the Paladins’ 50th champion, Rei, the Leipori mage. Scholar of House Aico, Rei is Lian’s right-hand woman and a support champion who isn’t afraid or hesitant to fight for her allies. Rei’s core gameplay revolves around the Spirit Link ability. This allows her to tether an endless stream of magic to an enemy or ally. Players will need to be careful about where they are, as the link can break if they move too far from their target.

Linking with an enemy will result in them taking damage over time and reducing their movement speed. However, linking with an ally will allow them to heal and generate ultimate charges over time. Rei’s alt fire heals an ally and bounces to nearby allies. This gives them a greater healing bonus if they are tethered. Rei’s Envelop ability, which will limit the damage she and her linked ally take for a short time and grant a movement bonus. This is great for getting out of the fray. Rei’s ultimate ability, Vivify, makes her linked ally invulnerable. After that, she applies a powerful heal to both herself and the ally.
The Paladins team is thrilled to have reached this important milestone, but we aren’t done. This patch also includes the return of the Bounty Store, which has been given a new coat of paint. Players can earn Bounty Coins by playing Paladins or watching Twitch streams. They can then use those coins to buy limited-quantity skins and other items such as XP Boosts. Gen:Lock also includes balance changes, new Limited Time Mods, and many other features! S!

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