NanoVeda Discovers Nature’s Cure: Amazon Now Offers Rapid Dissolve Nutrition Strips

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By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News

PALM BEACH FL, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). — Amazon has NanoVeda’s rapid dissolve nutrition strips. Rakshit Mehta (founder of NanoVeda, a Swiss-based health and wellness company) said that “we made nutrition fun again with the rapid dissolve oral strips.” We offer a smarter approach to good health thanks to the combination of Ayurveda, Swiss nanotechnology and Ayurveda. Nanoveda has developed fast-dissolving oral strips that can be used to treat a variety of ailments such as fatigue, stress, iron deficiency, and sleeplessness. Mehta explained that NanoVeda products are made using the ThinSol Technology. This process transforms the ingredients into fine nanoparticles that dissolve quickly in the mouth and are absorbed by the body. Mehta stated that NanoVeda combined the best of modern nanotechnology with Ayurveda (a traditional Hindu system for medicine) to make nutrition fun and simple. Instead of taking a dozen pills and capsules each day, you can choose the oral nutritional strip that you prefer and place it in your mouth. It will dissolve in seconds and be absorbed into the body. Mehta stated that the taste is delicious. The NanoVeda Amazon Store offers the following products: Immune stripsEnergy stripsSleep stripsIron stripsProbiotics stripsAshwagandha strips for anxiety and stressCurcumin strips with anti-inflammatory propertiesMehta stated that NanoVeda is expanding its American presence. He said, “We believe American customers are looking for a product similar to NanoVeda.” People are more proactive in staying healthy because of the pandemic. Sales of health and wellness products like dietary supplements soared during the COVID-19 crisis. Mehta stated that oral strips offer a convenient and tasty alternative for people who have difficulty swallowing pills. He said that you can simply keep them in your pocket or purse when you leave the house. Instead of drinking a double espresso or sugary energy drink, you can pop a NanoVeda Energy Strip in your mouth when it is time to go to bed. NanoVeda’s oral strips are organic and plant-based. They only use natural ingredients that have been sourced sustainably. Mehta expressed pride that NanoVeda produces the oral strips without causing any harm to the environment. He said, “We want the planet and you to be healthy.” NanoVeda’s Amazon Store has more information.

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