Path of Exile: Expedition Launches July 28,

Path of Exile: Expedition Launches July 28
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By Daniel Webster, dweb.News

How to kill the undead? You can check. How can you control your risk and maximize your reward? You can check. Are there any new merchants you would like to do business with? Check. Are there new ways to build character? Check. Path of Exile: Expedition has everything an ARPG expansion needs: Compelling Items, Visceral Combat, and Unrepentant Darkness.

A group of Kalguuran traders has arrived in Wraeclast following the footsteps of their ancestors, who visited Wraeclast long ago but never returned. They are looking to retrieve artifacts that have been lost and need your help to face the dangers below. Strategically place a number of explosives on their Expedition sites and then detonate. These explosions reveal the missing Kalguur. If you can defeat this undead horde you will be able to retrieve their artifacts and give them to traders for their wares.

Each traveler Kalguur offers a different style of trade depending on their personalities. Gwennen, the Gambler doesn’t believe luck is possible and believes that luck only comes to those who work hard enough. After the purchase is made, Gwennen will not reveal the item’s properties. You might get something very valuable or very cheap. Tujen, Haggler, is open to negotiating his prices. However, he will not accept a low offer. Rog, the Dealer is only looking to make a deal and will continue to try to upsell you by offering an upgrade to the item you’ve bought. Their leader Dannig takes all kinds of artifacts and exchanges them with other types to facilitate trades with his expedition team.

We’ve added new options for players to create their characters, as usual. There are many new base types and unique items that revolve around the Kalguur. The core of creating new playstyles lies in skill gems. We wanted to shake up Path of Exile’s metagame and introduce as many new skills possible that can appeal to a wide range of play styles. We’ve created 19 new support and skill gems, each themed around one of our Ascendancy Class.

These skills would be sufficient to change Path of Exile’s best gameplay strategies. However, we are taking it one step further and making significant changes to the game’s balance. We are not only fundamentally changing the Flask System but also making significant changes in other systems to make Path of Exile more challenging.

This is the best time to get back into Path of Exile if you haven’t tried it yet or if it’s been a while. There is a new economy to compete in at league launch. Players are also trying to find the best strategies and ways of playing. You can join the community in navigating this new landscape.

We are excited to see the character creations Path of Exile fans make after this expansion. It’s always pleasant to see how far people will go to expand Path of Exile’s versatility. We look forward to seeing you there!

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As you battle your way through the dark continent Wraeclast, you will gain valuable skills and valuable items. Path of Exile, an online Action RPG with unrivalled character customization, was created by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers.

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