» » » » Entertainment: Author Mariam Massaro Welcomes Readers to a Journey into Her Spiritual Awakening in Her First Book “Blessed by Light-Filled Love: The Celestial Mentors of Ashento”

Entertainment: Author Mariam Massaro Welcomes Readers to a Journey into Her Spiritual Awakening in Her First Book “Blessed by Light-Filled Love: The Celestial Mentors of Ashento”


A Celestial Awakening to Light-Filled Love


” Blessed by Light-Filled Love “ is an engaging autobiography of the author’s ending up being a visionary creatress of the arts after she fulfills in a dream her Twin Flame: ‘Ashento, ‘ an ascended master from the celestial worlds, while she is deep in the woods alone on her very first Vision Mission. Ashento’s mild voice imparts spiritual mentors and assisting assistance. He states they have actually been joined in love for eons and sings love tunes to her.

Ashento’s function is to direct mankind through this effective time of enormous modification and awakening in the world. This is an effective story of Mariam dealing with spiritual motivation to manifest an uplifting glowing life as a way-shower, and a meaningful, caring, pleased and satisfied being.

” Blessed by Light-Filled Love “ guides your life journey in finding your real empowered self.

Messages from Ashento, excerpts:

” Be at peace, in love with all that you are and will be, for the future, previous and present are all one and totally repaired within you today. Love for the sake of love and trust that it will alter quickly.

” What now does daily, shows the options made prior to version, when there was an evaluation, a choice procedure to pick which element of knowing, offering, and getting one was to come across on Gaea Star (Earth.)

” As life unfolds, these prearranged agreements are exposed, nevertheless sometimes the strategy is forgotten due to thee impressions and densities of materilife, which trigger one to miss out on the real path in revealing one’s fate.

” Share your brilliance, your happy joy and real communion with Divine Source.

” End up being a beacon of light, a shining example in your neighborhood as an open, meaningful, favorable, caring being that is completely incorporated within. “

The author mentions knowledge and magnificent assistance from Divine Source in addition to with Ashento.

This book is a terrific pickup for anybody looking for awakening their inner spirituality. Own a copy today!

Schedule offered at https://blessedbylightfilledlove.com/

Blessed by Light-Filled Love: The Celestial Mentors of Ashento
Author: Mariam Massaro
Publisher: Your Online Press Agent
Publication Date: June 4, 2021
Book Category: Spiritual, Autobiographical
Target Market: Young person and older

About the Author

Mariam Massaro is a vibrant visionary who likes weaving messages of love and peace as a vocalist, songwriter, author, and artist. Her music commemorates living as our magnificent glowing selves, overruning with light. She developed Wise Ways Herbals, an effective medical and body care line of product, now dispersed globally and co-founded the Blazing Star Herbal School. Both ventures are still growing, informing and supplying natural items for wellness after thirty 3 years.

Mariam is likewise a midwife and ritualistic minister. She is the flamboyant creatress of the Gaea Star Goddess Program, directs the Gaea Star Band, and co-hosts the Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour, a popular webcast, because 2012, on Dream Vision 7 network, with over 450 reveals and countless listeners.

She is the author of ‘ The Gaea Star Crystal ‘ movie script in 2009, from the 1999 story, ‘ Rainbow Crystals of the Earth ‘ and her very first book, ‘ The Gaea Star Crystal, Awakening the Tribes of Light ‘ book 1, 2020, and ‘ The Gaea Star Crystal, ‘ book 2,2021 She co-created her very first CD, ‘ The Gaea Star Crystal, ‘ in 2009 and has actually launched 6 more CD’s, all readily available online. The trailer from her independent recording of the ‘ Gaea Star Crystal ‘ won Finest Trailer award in the Hollywood and Vine Independent Movie Celebration in 2012.

Mariam is a dedicated yogini and likes living on her tranquil natural herb farm with her llamas and felines in the hills of Western Massachusetts.

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