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FITNESS: Josh Leve discusses the New FBA: A Great Resource for All Fitness Pros and Fitness Business Owners

(*_ All fitness professionals, studio and gym owners, and independent contractors now have access to this amazing resource.

The FBA (Fitness Business Association), has done everything possible to ensure that you Succeed! Virtual Conference Expo is a new way for you to connect and get your continuing education.

In this interview Josh Leve, founder and CEO, discusses FBA and its SUCCEED! Virtual Conference was to provide the best education for the fitness industry from award-winning presenters in an interactive medium that is affordable to all – year-round !”

What was it like to create the FBA and your SUCCEED? Virtual Conference

When it came to FBA, it was a complete rebrand. The FBA was originally called AFS (Association of Fitness Studios), but we soon realized that our audience was larger than just fitness studios. We covered everything entrepreneurs, fitness studio owners, independent contractors, and other professionals needed to keep up-to-date on the latest ideas, strategies, and trends in the fitness industry. We were able to strike a chord with our education and have been moving at full speed ever since.

We knew that COVID was here and we needed to make the transition! In just a few weeks, the conference went from being held in person to being conducted online. It had to be able to offer the industry the most current and timely information on fitness in times of need. What did we do? The entire event was made free! You still have the option to attend for free.

What is the FBA? conference that is relevant to ACE Pros

Simple. Because of our market penetration (thousands, over 70 strategic alliances), we know what’s happening in the industry at the moment that ACE Pros should be aware of.

Trends change, but we have direct access to some of the most influential speakers in the field. Our members succeed because we provide the platform! All year, all attendees have access to this education!

But we go further. The FBA is all about guided learning. We understand that everyone learns differently. Our education is made accessible to all members in an easy-to-digestible format to meet the needs of busy fitness professionals.

Every month, members spend a few hours to join fitness leaders for discussions on the most current topics. FBA members have access to SUCCEED for free! You will be able to get a lot of new ideas.

With of speakers on hand to answer all your questions in real time, you will never be able to figure it out by yourself again.

At SUCCEED! We want all ACE Pros feel welcomed. We offer early-morning training and the option to select the sessions that interest you most. Our goal is to make sure our education meets the needs of all our participants.

Which topics will you be discussing at SUCCEED? Virtual Conference and Expo this August 26-28? Are there ACE-approved CECs?

Tons and yes, ACE provides 1.8 CECs to SUCCEED! There are over 50 sessions, a technology and innovation showcase and 20+ booth virtual exhibition, and there are 4 sessions every hour. There is something for everyone. We couldn’t have been more excited for the reception. ACE will be present three dynamic sessions on Friday August 27, which is SUCCEED! even better.

We’ll be speaking to gym owners to discuss how to succeed in this new world. Strategies for opening up, marketing, referrals, social media and sales are all discussed.

For fitness professionals, sessions will be offered on Creating a successful group fitness digital and in-person strategy, small group training success, Attracting, Arthritis exercise integration: Assess, Implement and Execute and Increasing Retention through Health Coaching.

The fitness industry has seen a dramatic transformation thanks to COVID. As the largest association for fitness professionals, it is our responsibility to create a supportive environment that allows our members to interact with industry leaders and develop new ideas. You can also have fun, relax, and recharge while you do this!

Do your company have any strategic alliances in the fitness industry that could help me advance my career?

Yes! The FBA works with organizations like ACE to help you further your career in the gym industry. We want you to be able to access unlimited inspiration. That goes beyond education. It’s a community where you can network with other fitness professionals, an online marketplace that offers pre-vetted technology solutions, as well as insurance and success stories from our members to keep your motivation high.

What are the steps to join or learn more about SUCCEED?

For more information about the FBA and SUCCEED, visit You can visit

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