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FITNESS. Your Daily To-Do List for Marketing

Sure, social media is a great tool to spread your message, tell your story, and create awareness. As I have said, social media should not your sole marketing strategy. It would be more effective to prioritize a few “offline” self-promotion strategies each day. Your business book will grow exponentially if you do this consistently over time.

Here’s a simple plan to get your book of business growing in just minutes per day.


Each day, aim to with (at minimum) three people via email, direct message, text message, phone call or even in a face-to-face conversation. Your goal is to strengthen your relationships through these interactions. Therefore, you should target people you know. Make sure you include potential clients in your target list. Also, make sure to include acquaintances who may be able introduce you to potential clients.

When you reach out to people, be sure to share who, what, and how you feel. You might consider introducing people to your network who could mutually benefit. Send an email to your contacts if you find an interesting article that might be of benefit to them. Include a note explaining why you sent it. If the time is right, you can express gratitude, send congratulations, or celebrate someone on your mailing list.

Your immediate goal is to make someone’s day and hopefully to build a lasting relationship. If the opportunity arises, you might introduce the person to someone who may become a client or be a great partner in your professional endeavors. These are not cold calls or sales conversations. Sharing is elevated which rewards you over the long-term by building trust and credibility.

HTML2_2. Strike Up a Conversation

To build the list mentioned above, you will need to strike up a conversation with a new person from time to time. You can brainstorm a list 10 to 20 people you would like to meet now and share it with them later. Your list should include people who may be interested in what you are selling, as well as colleagues who could help you find clients and opportunities. Each day, choose one person on the list and send an email, direct message via social media or a letter to them.

You might not be familiar with the people on the list, but by getting to know them, you will be able to pick one person each day and create a message that resonates and opens the door for further communication. Before you send a message, learn more about them. This will help you understand their motivations, how they work, and what their goals are. Your message should be focused on them and not you. It should contain genuine praise (consider how they have impacted or inspired your life), and a question that can get the ball rolling in a back and forth correspondence.

It may take several attempts to get a reply. Be patient and space them out so you don’t seem incessant. Respect the person’s time, energy and try to add value to their lives. This daily task is more difficult than sharing. But the rewards will be worth it when your network expands in ways you never imagined.

3. Sell

You must also make a sales offer every day. You must offer something of value to your audience at the least per day, no matter how small or large. Your ask may come naturally during your daily sharing interactions or it could be via social media posts and direct messages, an email marketing campaign, during a free session or trial, or randomly as you happen to be in the right at the right time. It should not, however, be included in your strike-up-a-conversation daily to-do task. Making a sales pitch to secure paying clients should be a top priority. , flexing your sales muscle should also include:

  • Drawing attention to your free offers
  • Asking people to follow you via social media (if used for self-promotion)
  • Reminding potential clients to visit your website

Your daily to-do list will take very little time, especially if you activate a system to help you remember with whom you should connect and when. You’ll be amazed at how your offline marketing strategies can help you grow your network and increase your influence.

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