/ / OPINION: COVIDphobes Silent As Met Gala Ignores Museum Mask Policy

OPINION: COVIDphobes Silent As Met Gala Ignores Museum Mask Policy

Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez drew a lot of attention for her dress at the Met Gala last night, which read “tax the rich.” Instead, it should have read, “wear your mask!”

The 2021 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala occurred yesterday for the first time in two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Entertainers wore outfits ranging from elegant to outlandish. The event instantly became the buzz of social media. However, the wealthy elitists and celebrities in attendance were seen not wearing any masks, a direct violation of the building’s mask policy.

According to the visitor guidelines for the Met, “all visitors age 12 and older must be vaccinated against COVID-19.” More importantly, the policy stipulates that “masks are required for all visitors.”

Yet, as the photos show, the elitist attendees did not adhere to this policy.

They also ignored the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and New York City , which recommend that even the vaccinated wear masks at public gatherings indoors.

The New York City Department of Health states, “Due to the spread of the highly contagious delta variant, we strongly recommend everyone wear a mask whenever they are in a public, indoor setting, even when it is not required, and in any setting when they do not know who around them is vaccinated.”

The CDC’s most recent guidelines for COVID-19 ask “everyone in areas of substantial or transmission to wear a mask in public indoor places, even if they are fully vaccinated.”

There was a conspicuous lack of outrage by the keyboard-warrior mask-enforcers on social media. Just a week ago, the COVIDphobes were vociferously proclaiming the end of the world because college football fans did not wear masks to outdoor stadiums; their righteous indignation was missing for the Met Gala.

Even more telling is that the COVIDphobes failed to criticize people who blatantly violated COVID rules. This is a massive part of why there is such polarization over masks and .

After this, how can anyone legitimately trust the science, the experts, or government officials, who repeatedly claim how dangerous the virus is? The silence over the celebrities at the Met Gala is deafening. The hypocrisy is stunning. It’s masks for thee but not for me.

After the Met Gala, it is clear that outrage over refusal to wear masks in public settings is merely not-so-subtle class warfare and not really based on safety concerns. Criticizing the everyday Americans enjoying a college football game but not saying anything the elites at the Met Gala — this is what the mask-scolds are really about.

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