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BUSINESS: AirSlate Partners With RentTango To Improve Electronic Signature Within The Real Estate Industry

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–airSlate, a leader in workflow automation solutions, announced today it has partnered with RentTango, a leading real estate software provider, to make the execution of lease agreements easier and more efficient. RentTango users now have access to airSlate’s award winning electronic signature solution, signNow. They can securely sign documents and contracts from anywhere and any device.

This global pandemic has made it more competitive than ever in the rental housing market. This increased demand and the growing need for digital resources that can support online agreements via remote access speaks to how crucial electronic collaboration is between real estate companies, property mangers, and brokers.

Scott Owen, Vice President of Business Development and Channel at airSlate, stated that RentTango’s customers and users will benefit from the eSignature capabilities offered by signNow. “Lease agreements need to be accessible and confidential in a complex way. We are happy to share our electronic signatures and document management capabilities and RentTango will support the lease lifecycle every step of it.” Both property managers and brokers can benefit from the signNow partnership. RentTango users can electronically manage and monitor document signature processes using its lease agreement platform. Tenants will enjoy a seamless experience in managing important lease and rental agreements. SignNow adheres to industry-leading security standards that ensure documents are signed, shared and stored with multiple levels protection. Paul Zullo, cofounder of RentTango said that RentTango is excited to offer eSignature capabilities for its real estate customers through SignNow.

“RentTango is thrilled to provide eSignature capabilities to our real estate customers through signNow,” said Paul Zullo, co-founder of RentTango.

About airSlate

airSlate is a global SaaS technology company that serves over a hundred million innovators worldwide with its no-code workflow automation, electronic signature, and document management solutions. SignNow, pdfFiller and airSlate are just a few of the award-winning products that enable teams to innovate and digitally transform their businesses.

About RentTango

RentTango is simplifying the residential leasing process for both renters and property managers. RentTango’s suite of innovative features offers a central platform for managing and monitoring marketing and leasing operations, from listings to leases. The real estate industry is able to benefit from our sophisticated design, customized workflows, automated automation, and artificial intelligence. Our modern and easy-to-use interface reduces risk and creates efficiencies that help operators improve their NOI.

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