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BUSINESS: Arnot Health Signs Strategic Partnership With Medline

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

Leading provider of medical supplies and solutions secured in exclusive distributor agreement

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Sep 15, 2021, 14: 11 ET

NORTHFIELD, Ill., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Medline today announced a $40 million prime vendor partnership with New York-based Arnot Health. As the system’s primary supplier, the healthcare company will exclusively provide an extensive portfolio of essential medical supplies and solutions to three diverse healthcare campuses across the Southern Tier of New York. After seven years of working with the same vendor, the two companies will now work together to identify new strategies for improving patient outcomes and streamlining supply chains.

Medline is now the primary supplier for Arnot Health and will work with the healthcare organization to identify new strategies for enhancing patient outcomes and streamlining supply chain operations.

“Care is evolving and so should our approach to ensuring we are not looking solely at cost but overall value and impact,” says Susan Houghtelling, system director of supply chain at Arnot Health. Medline’s vast expertise in supply chain logistics and clinical solutions allows us to use their hands-on approach to improve our operational performance. “

Under the terms of the agreement, Arnot Health will have the ability to easily monitor key metrics such as item utilization, contract compliance and price accuracy, and spend by product categories through an online reporting tool from Medline.

“Medline teams go to great lengths to truly understand a system’s obstacles,” says Ron Barrett, vice president of corporate sales at Medline. “We are thrilled to partner with Arnot Health and create custom solutions to improve healthcare’s efficiency. “

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