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BUSINESS: Avantha Technologies Announces Rebranding As HelioNext, Launch Of New Website

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Avantha Technologies, a leading provider of business processing solutions for SMBs, announced today that it has completed the rebranding process including, among others, a new name, brand logo and website. The Company’s new brand reflects its strategic direction and plans to create distinct identities in the market for its IT staffing and Business Process Management businesses.

HelioNext provides services to small-to medium-sized companies in the US mortgage and healthcare industries. The Company’s new strategy is to expand its core BPO business. It will create new business pipelines and offer new services and products. This includes the addition of Digital, Robotic Process Automation and Business Intelligence teams. This will make the Company a one-stop shop to find techno-functional solutions. The Company will ensure that client businesses are able to use data and technology in the future and maintain operational excellence.

Adding steps to our value ladder, we aim to ensure that customers become part the digital transformation journey facing the industry,” stated Paul Bernard Poupon , HelioNext Managing Director. “HelioNext is this change: A new dawn, a fresh start. “

We will continue to help our clients reimagine and use technology to grow their businesses and expand their operations,” stated Manu Bhhandari , HelioNext Chief Executive Officer. HelioNext is the new sun and the ‘Reimagine. ” Evolve. Our solutions are described in our tagline, “Evolve.” “

” We view all problems through the lense of people, data, and automation,” stated Maximilian poupon , HelioNext Head of Digital Products. “We have made digital our core business. “

About HelioNext

With over 15 years of industry experience, HelioNext is a leading global provider of business processing and techno functional consulting solutions to small and medium enterprises in the Healthcare, Mortgage and LPO domains in the US. We believe that SMEs are the backbone of healthcare and financial services, and aim to be the preferred partner for SMBs in business process evolution. We are focused on transforming the back office for our clients, creating digital products, and expanding our client offerings through our blended service model.

Visit for more information about the new website, brand, and services.

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