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BUSINESS: Landlord Credit Checks Made Quick, Easy & Affordable With Landlord Credit Bureau

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

TORONTO–( WIRE)–Working as a landlord can be a stressful job. It takes time to prepare the property, review applications, interview applicants, choose the right tenant and perform background checks and check references. It is possible to lose out on excellent renters if things are too slow. They may be looking for another property. Landlord Credit Bureau has a solution. Landlord Credit Bureau is working to change that. The new Credit Checks for Landlords makes tenant screening easy, affordable, and quick. This gives landlords the tools they need to get the renters they desire.

When it Comes To Rental Applicants Timing Matters

Many rental guides recommend that people begin looking for apartments or other rental properties at least two months before their move-in date. They are often in a hurry to fill out the applications for a place they want to live. Many potential renters already have several properties in mind, so it makes sense to take up a lease offer as soon possible.

Landlord Credit Bureau knows that time is critical when trying to get high-quality renters in a property. Landlords can quickly access the information they need by using the instant credit check.

Credit Checks for Landlords

Landlord Credit Bureau makes it easier than ever for landlords to gain valuable information on their applicants quickly and affordably. Landlord Credit Bureau transmits information about rental payments to Equifax so landlords can have a clear view of a tenant’s rental history. Zac Killam, CEO, Landlord Credit Bureau, stated that pulling credit reports in Canada has been expensive and difficult in the past. “Now, landlords can obtain the peace of mind they need with affordable, easy to read, long-form credit reports that include credit scores.”

How Landlord Credit Bureau Credit Checks Are Different

Most credit checks provide credit history, showing whether a person has paid credit card bills and other types of debt (like car loan payments) on time. This information can be very useful in helping landlords make decisions about whether to rent someone. However, landlords will also need information regarding rental payments history.

There may be a history of renters that is not easily accessed by just their credit score. They might have experienced financial hardships that led to them falling behind with their credit card payments. Others may have lower credit scores due to their age or past financial situations. However, this does not mean that they are unreliable tenants.

Landlord Credit Bureau lets renters include past rental payments history in their credit report. This gives landlords a better picture of the tenant’s expectations. Landlord Credit Bureau’s rent report tool allows landlords to report on-time payments. This helps tenants build credit for their future.

About Landlord Credit Bureau

Landlord Credit Bureau is dedicated to improving the lives and businesses of landlords and property owners while improving the lives of tenants.

provides tools and means to secure better renters and reduce the impact of delinquencies. It also helps tenants who are trying to build or rebuild credit with a liberating method to improve their credit.

Landlord Credit Bureau helps landlords increase their revenue and decrease the time it takes tenants to unlock future credit-related benefits for themselves and their families.

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