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BUSINESS: SearchStax Extends Its Cloud-Native Platform To Make It Easy For Marketers To Deliver Powerful Search Experiences

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SearchStax today announced the extension of its cloud-based search platform as the industry’s easiest way for digital marketers to add and manage powerful search experiences on websites, in particular sites built on popular platforms such as Sitecore, Drupal, or Adobe Experience Manager.

SearchStax has expanded its search infrastructure to include end-users and marketers. The SearchStax search infrastructure makes it easy to implement high-availability solutions that many companies need. SearchStax’s search infrastructure makes it easy for marketers to add powerful search functionality to any site. This will delight users.

” With SearchStax, developers are able to quickly implement a complete search experience, including the front-end, in just a few hours. Marketers have all the tools needed to understand search behavior and optimize search results. Maggon said, “This level of power and ease is revolutionary for many of our clients.”

SearchStax cloud-based platform is available in two versions. Managed Solr provides Solr to developers, while SearchStudio offers website searching to both marketers and developers to their site users.

“SearchStudio allowed our developers to quickly deliver a search experience that met our expectations. “Now, I have this wealth of data that allows me to quickly organize and determine the best way to improve search results, and then implement these changes in just a few clicks,” stated Micah Rube Director for Digital Experience at Calix. Ruge concluded that “the whole thing is extremely easy.”

About SearchStax

SearchStax is a cloud-native company whose goal is to make the power of search technology easy. SearchStax SaaS platform allows marketers to optimize their search experience and offer more relevant results to visitors. SearchStax integrates seamlessly with the Sitecore, Drupal and Adobe ecosystems. This allows developers to deploy high-availability solutions quickly and outsource the cost and complexity of managing their search infrastructure. SearchStax has over 300 clients across the globe.

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