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BUSINESS: Southern Recipe Small Batch Celebrates Launch Of Bold, Seasonal Holiday Flavors

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

LIMA, Ohio, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Southern Recipe Small Batch, the leading authentic, handcrafted, small batch pork rind snack, is proud to once again relaunch two seasonal pork rind varieties: Cranberry Jalapeno and Apple Cinnamon. These holiday-inspired flavors will be available for a limited period of time starting in September. You can find the holiday flavors at selected retailers that sell Southern Recipe Small Batch, and you can also celebrate “seasons greetings by seasoned eatings”. The new holiday pork rinds will be available, at an SRP of $3. 99 for each 3. 625-ounce bag.

The Cranberry Jalapeno and Apple Cinnamon pork rinds from Southern Recipe Small Batch come at a time when consumers have expressed their desire to immerse themselves in the oncoming holiday season.

Southern Recipe Small Batch continues to diversify the snack aisle, serving consumers who have a need for low carb, gluten free, protein packed, collagen rich and boldly flavored alternatives to the traditional snacks on their shelves. Cranberry Jalapeno has a subtle sweetness, accompanied by a mildly spicy heat that adds depth to every bite. Apple Cinnamon combines the unexpected combination of pork rinds with warm cinnamon and apple flavors.

” Since the launch of our seasonal porkrind products, customers have expressed their desire to see these flavors again on store shelves. That’s why we’re excited to reintroduce our gluten free, protein packed and clean ingredient holiday flavors,” shares Mark Singleton, VP of Sales and Marketing at Rudolph Foods. “The market for pork rinds is well-positioned to innovate, and we plan to continue making it more appealing and more accessible to a wider range of consumers through the launch of our Cranberry Jalapeno & Apple Cinnamon products.”

The launch of our Cranberry Jalapeno, and Apple Cinnamon porkrinds from Southern Recipe Small Batch comes at a time when consumers are eager to get into the holiday season. According to a recent study Innova Marketing Insights, 75 percent of consumers ‘love to discover’ new flavors and product innovations. Southern Recipe Small Batch will continue to provide the small-batch pork rinds that today’s low carb and Keto consumers want. Consumers can also find recipes incorporating the newest holiday flavors at

About Southern Recipe Small Batch

Southern Recipe Small Batch, a division of Southern Recipe – “The tastiest crunch in the South” – is a small batch, handcrafted brand of pork rinds. Developed with the purpose of delivering iconic flavor in a nostalgic recipe, Southern Recipe Small Batch offers this traditionally indulgent Southern snack in internationally-inspired flavors that boast eight grams of protein, low carbs and are naturally gluten free. For additional information, please call 1-800-241-7675, or visit

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