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BUSINESS: TM Marlowe Group Comments On Higher Paychecks For US Workers

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

Tokyo, Japan, September 15, 2021 –(– Economists at Japan-based investment house, TM Marlowe Group say the “fight for $15” movement has been urging governments and companies alike to increase the pay grade of low-income workers for almost ten years.

A recent report by the Washington Post revealed that for employees in certain industries in the US, average pay has grown to more than $15 per hour, a figure that low-income workers previously struggled to attain.

While the new $15 an hour average is not a legal requirement (the federal minimum wage remains at $7. 25 an hour), and millions of workers are still paid less than the milestone number, the goals of the movement have been accomplished in the eyes of many employees. Workers have the advantage at present.

Economists at TM Marlowe Group agree that, although the $15 median should not be conflated with a new minimum wage, the rise in average pay for low-income workers raises the bar for those seeking employment and weighing up their options.

Recruiting firms have reported that many people seeking employment are only applying for jobs that pay at least $15 per hour. Currently, 80% of workers in the country earn a minimum of $15 an hour – a 20% increase since 2014. Although pay increases are in line with inflation, the average salary does not tend to fall after a surge. This is true regardless of whether .

Mr. prices drop later. Yuto Hayashi (CFO at TM Marlowe Group), agrees that the pandemic-inspired career changes have had a significant impact on the pay increase.

” Many employees found time and money to pursue other career opportunities and rethink their jobs after they were laid off and were granted unemployment funding. According to Mr. Hayashi, businesses were forced to lure workers back with better salaries. Hayashi.

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