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BUSINESS: VOCODIA Recruits World-Famous Sales Expert Ben Gay III To Generate Effective Sales Scripts For The Company And Its Clients

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VOCODIA, a next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sales & Customer Service platform, is pleased to announce their partnership with Ben Gay III.

Gay will lead the charge in all sales copy and script writing for the company. Ben is an accomplished author, sales expert, and sales trainer. He is uniquely qualified to perform in this role. With 50+ years of professional sales experience under his belt, he has been the number one salesperson at every single company where he has worked.

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Gay said, “I am thrilled to join the VOCODIA team in this new role. I’m up for the challenge and the team members I work with are enthusiastic and highly qualified. If one is lucky enough to be a client of VOCODIA and allow us to help them sell their products or other services, I believe they have found the right place.

Brian Podolak , CEO & CoFounder of VOCODIA Holdings Group stated, “Ben will work with the team to make the best of his well-known scripts, which are well-tested and carefully written. Each script will offer thoughtful answers to many foreseeable questions, as well as a few all-encompassing answers that will increase efficiency and save time for the company and caller.

Gay said, “I invented and developed the original call center (and the industry itself) when I opened The National Communications Center in 1976. VOCODIA, however, is far ahead of us in technology. It saves personnel and dramatically improves efficiency.

“But it allows people to make errors at a much faster pace than other computers. They are making alarmingly fast in the new industry. I’m here to stop that. It is because I have been doing this for so many years and I know all the details so I am certain that this will be another major breakthrough in the call center industry.

VOCODIA provides solutions for sales utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence. Recognizing the limitations of resources for growth, VOCODIA created and deployed AI Sales Agents that can make effective presentations and close sales. . . Manage customer service operations in all data-driven demand-based industries. While providing an exceptional customer experience, you can do all of this while still being human. That’s where Ben’s expertise and experience will help us grow our business.

VOCODIA is impassioned to drive the call center industry forward with novel solutions. Modern consumers expect more than voice-only support. They now expect Artificial Intelligence, mobile apps and social platforms to be part of their customer journey. VOCODIA developed and delivered fast, easy customer engagement across all channels. It was able to do this in a way that was personalized, compliant, and contextual at each customer touchpoint. Companies face the challenge of accelerating the activation of new technology and retaining high-quality talent while simultaneously decreasing cost, risk, and increasing efficiency. VOCODIA is the answer! For more information on VOCODIA, visit

About Ben Gay III

Ben Gay III has been called a living legend in the sales world. In his 50+ years of professional selling and sales training, he has been the #1 salesperson in every organization in which he has ever worked. He is also an excellent speaker/sales trainer/author.

Ben was personally trained by fellow sales legends J. Douglas Edwards , Dr. William Penn Patrick Merle Fraser Fred Herman James H. Rucker Jr , and many other sales legends.

Now one of the most famous, popular and powerful sales trainers in the world, Ben accepts and conducts just 24 live “The Closers Sales Training” seminars a year. He also writes/publishes/produces “The Closers” series of books, audios, videos, newsletters, and tele-trainings, a series that is considered “The Foundation of Professional Selling.” For more information, visit WWW.BFG3.COM

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