BUSINESS: XPeng Launches New P5 Smart Family Sedan At RMB157,900 To RMB223,900

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By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

GUANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–XPeng Motors Inc. (“XPeng” or the “Company,” NYSE: XPEV and HKEX: 9868), today officially launched its third production model, the XPeng P5 smart family sedan, marking a generational leap in smart EV technology, safety and sophistication for family cars in its class and price range.

A game-changing smart car and the world’s first production vehicle to implement auto-grade LiDAR technology, P5 is immediately available for order in six configurations in China in a recommended retail price (RRP) range from RMB 157,900 to RMB 223,900 (equivalent to US$24,484 to US$34,717). Customer delivery in China will start at the end of October 2021. He Xiaopeng (Chief & CEO, XPeng) said that the P5 has brought a new level of sophistication and technological advancement to smart EVs in China. We believe that this is the age of intelligence and that it will revolutionize mobility in general. Now we have made the best-in-class smart family sedan available at the RMB200,000 price range, bringing some of the most advanced driver assistance functionality to China’s vast and fast-growing middle-class consumer base.”

“We have drawn inspiration from customers’ feedback, especially during the pandemic, and from the best models in the conventional family sedan and recreational vehicle (RV) class, while taking functionality and features to a whole new level,” Mr. He said. The HTML5 P5 extends XPeng’s innovative Navigation Guided Pilot(NGP) capabilities to cities and highways. The P5 is a family-friendly, affordable four-door model that will be popular in the largest global automotive market.

Smart senses, strongest architecture

The P5 has the strongest advanced driver assistance hardware system to date, with 32 perception sensors and one sub-metre high-precision positioning unit. The automotive-grade LiDAR technology in the P5 allows for safety redundancy and more accurate recognition of pedestrians, vehicles, and small obstacles, even in tunnels, rainy, snowy, or night conditions. The P5’s two double-prism LiDAR units integrate with 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 13 high-definition cameras and a high-precision positioning unit, to allow 360-degree visual and LiDAR fusion perception of the road environment.

This high definition auto sensorium uses XPILOT 3.5 to power XPeng’s advanced driver assistance system. It allows for the expansion of NGP (XPeng’s Navigation Guided Pilot) to city driving. The City NGP will enable high-precision navigation, assisted driving and unique adaptations to China’s urban road conditions. NGP-L will be upgraded to NGP – highway NGP plus LiDAR – to enable safer and more efficient assisted driving on China’s expressways and highways.

XPeng will have its existing ACC/LCC systems upgraded to ACC-L or LCC-L status in P5. With the incorporation LiDAR, P5 can recognize congested vehicles sooner and more accurately stationary vehicles. The recognition of small objects can be improved, which increases driving comfort in congested roads.

The P5 comes with Valet Parking Assist cross storey parking lot memory parking (VPA–L). The P5’s superior perception abilities and computing power allow it to safely park in cross-storey parking areas and can remember parking spaces.

Top-of-class engineering, prime performance

The P5’s smart features come along with class-beating performance and superlative engineering to further push the envelope of the smart EV experience. The six versions of P5 provide a choice of NEDC driving range from 460km, up to 550km and 600km. Its 100-kph acceleration is 7.5 seconds, while its 100-0 kph braking distance is 36.5 meters – far shorter than its peers. Its NEDC range is above other comparable models in its class: for the 460 km versions of the P5, the real-world third-party-media-tested NEDC range is as high as 97.1%, and for the 600 km versions, the real-world driving range test is as high as 94.9%.

Some versions of P5 are also equipped with a high-energy density battery of 180Wh/kg, extending range still further. All P5 versions have a heat pump air-conditioner as a standard spec – for the first time in this vehicle class, improving overall driving range in winter by about 15%, while the P5’s sleek design gives it an added range boost with a drag coefficient level as low as 0. 223Cd – close to the drag level of a supercar.

Comfort, convenience, versatile configurations

Pure intelligence and performance would be nothing without comfort and convenience, and here the P5 breaks new ground. Based on valuable customer feedback during the pandemic, which saw more people stay in their cars and use them as living spaces, XPeng has created new interior designs for the P5. This includes Nappa leather upholstery, N foam padding, and wider aviation-style headrests. The result is a unique family living space.

The P5’s interior design prioritizes maximum comfort, with Nappa leather upholstery, 110N foam padding, and wider aviation-style headrests, while offering 26 storage compartments and a 450L large trunk, plus an additional 70L compartment. Extensive NVH suppression, with 32 hollow partitions and 40 sound-suppressing cotton pads, gives a supremely peaceful ride.

The P5’s interior versatility is what really makes it stand out. The interior can be reconfigured to create a private movie theater with XPeng Advanced Surround Sound System (8 speaker), a projection screen, or it can be put into sleep mode to become a full-length private bedroom. The P5 is a part of the user’s daily living space and can be equipped with additional features such as an integrated fridge and aroma control. All the design smarts of the smart cockpit are complemented with true interactive intelligence. The P5’s Xmart OS intelligent in-car system, supported by the 3rd-Gen Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform (SA8155P processor), delivers a full-scenario continuous voice control experience, enabling user control and interaction with an ever-growing ecosystem of over 100 voice-enabled in-car Apps to assist, inform, and entertain driver and passengers. The smart cockpit also features 1-second monitor response, and is the industry’s first to apply F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System) with dictation speed increased by 70%. The remote Bluetooth key with a range of 30 meters, allows the users access to the vehicle from their phone, as well as their personal accounts.

Safety first, safety last and always

HTML5_ The P5 is another example of XPeng’s unwavering commitment to safety. The LiDAR units are capable of recognizing potential hazards and obstacles better than any other devices. To ensure maximum safety, the XPILOT system includes a driving proficiency test – the first in the industry. The secondary collision mitigation system reduces the risk of the P5 being involved in traffic accidents.

Its batteries are waterproofed to IP68, the highest industry standard, and are further safeguarded with heat-spread prevention features. P5 is equipped with an intelligent thermal management temperature control system which brings an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -30~55. Its construction is strong, for superior passive safety, with cage-shaped collision-resistant body architecture, pretensioner seat belts (normally only available in luxury cars), 6 airbags, and robust bodywork consisting of 44% high-strength steel, 15% ultra-high-strength steel, and 13% thermoforming steel. International financial-grade security algorithms will protect the data of P5 users under the Internet of Vehicles information security program designated by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) as part of IIFAA Alliance.

Pricing and availability

The P5 is immediately available for order in six versions.

The 600P and 550P versions, equipped with the XPILOT 3.5 hardware system and dual LiDAR units, are launched at RRP of RMB223,900 and RMB 199,900 respectively, post comprehensive subsidies. The 550E and 460E versions are equipped with the XPILOT 3.0 hardware system, priced at RMB192,900 and RMB 177,900 respectively. The 550G and 460G versions are on offer at RMB 172,900 and RMB 157,900 respectively.

National recommended retail price,

post comprehensive subsidies (RMB)

Software subscription and upgrade services




XPILOT 3.5 software & upgrade service

Standard lifetime service: 45,000

Limited time preferential lifetime service:






XPILOT 3.0 software & upgrade service

Standard lifetime service: 36,000

Limited time preferential lifetime service:








For Xpeng P5 visual assets:

Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1bzVbN4H03ZD-_LQpKbSaXtIQccUChFk9

Videos: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1WXbTRaAXn9lbiho87r93KyOENlITAF7w

XPeng P5 Specs:

XPeng P5 offers six versions, with numbers representing NEDC range, and English letters (P/E/N/G) representing intelligence level.








NEDC Driving Range







Battery Capacity

55.9 kW*h

66.2 kW*h

71.4 kW*h

Type of Battery

Lithium-ion Battery Pack

Ternary-lithium Battery Pack


4808mm / 1840mm / 1520mm



Cargo Space

450L + 70L

Maximum Power Output / Maximum Torque

155kW / 310N*m

Drag Coefficient

0. 223


Advanced Driver Assistance System

Hardware System

XPILOT 3.0*1



XPILOT 3.5*2

(Two LiDAR


XPILOT 3.5*2

(Two LiDAR Units)

XPILOT Software

Upgrade Service





XPILOT 2.5 Advanced

Driver Assistance System

Xavier Supercomputing


Sub-meter-range High-

precision Positioning


Xmart OS 3.0

In-car Operating System

Third Generation


Automotive Cockpit

Platform (SA8155P



Touch Screen

12.3-inch HD Liquid

Crystal Intelligent Panel

Full-scenario Voice


Mobile App Digital Key


Sword-shaped 3.0 LED

Front & Rear Lights

Intelligent Interactive

Lighting Language

1. 493m^2 Panoramic

Glass Sunroof

Concealed Electric Door



XPeng Advanced

Surround Sound System

Driver’s Seat 6-way

Electric Adjustment

Heat Pump Air


X-Sleep Mode

(Sleeping Kit, Smart

Fragrance (CO and CO2


Nappa leather seats, 8


X-Life Mode

(In-car Built-in

refrigerator, XPeng +

XGIMI In-car Customized

HD Projector, 45-inch

Projector Screen etc)

Solar Panel Sunroof


*1: The P5 E series is equipped with XPILOT2.5 as a standard spec. Customers will need to purchase XPILOT 3.0 software as well as upgrade services.

*2: The P5 P series is equipped with XPILOT 2.5 as a standard spec. Customers will need to purchase the XPILOT software and upgrades services.

For other XPeng visual library:


About XPeng Inc.

XPeng is a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets Smart EVs that appeal to the large and growing base of technology-savvy middle-class consumers in China. Its mission is to transform Smart EVs with technology and data. In order to optimize its customers’ mobility experience, XPeng develops in-house its full-stack autonomous driving technology and in-car intelligent operating system, as well as core vehicle systems including powertrain and the electrification/electronic architecture. XPeng has offices in San Diego, Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley. Its headquarters are in Guangzhou in China. Smart EVs manufactured by the Company are made at Zhaoqing in Guangdong. For more information, please visit https://en.xiaopeng.com

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