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GAMES: Introducing Superstar X-Factors In NHL 22

EA Sports NHL 22 introduces Superstar X-Factors, a new ability system inspired by the league’s top pros that lets you feel the personality and power of NHL superstars. The NHL’s stars truly bring life to games and are true to their style and skill. Superstar X-Factor’s abilities extend to all positions of the ice. They provide a new level of class-based competition as well as strategy for the most exciting hockey game in the world.

The incredible skill and creativity of hockey’s superstars, such as Auston Matthews or Connor McDavid, is what makes it so exciting to watch. We wanted to make sure that our players had that same feeling when they took the ice in NHL 22, and Superstar X Factors truly makes these top players feel like their real life counterparts in the game.

There are two types of X-Factor abilities in NHL 22: Zone Superstar abilities. Each player with an X-Factor ability has a specific Zone ability and a set Superstar abilities that can really help them dominate the ice.

X-Factors are fully integrated across game modes in NHL 22, in different ways that make the abilities shine and make a tangible difference on the ice. One group will receive special Power-up player items in Ultimate Team. These items have a lower OVR than normal, but can still be upgraded to at most +1 of their base OVR. You can upgrade them to an even higher OVR based on live content, unlocking new abilities and other options. You can upgrade Power-up items in HUT using Coins and special Power-up collectable objects.

Earn X-Factors for your World of Chel player and upgrade them with Boosts as you progress. To unlock X-Factor abilities, you can choose a storyline and a path in Be A Pro.

Franchise mode now has X-Factor notes for both amateur and pro scouting reports. This adds more depth to the Fog of War system. X-Factor reports can be used to manage teams. Putting players with different abilities together can improve line chemistry and create powerful, game-changing combinations.

NHL 22 is available on October 15 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, but you can get on the ice three days early and get bonus content across game modes by pre-ordering the X-Factor Edition today. EA Play members can also check out the 10-hour Play First Trial on October 7.

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