GAMING: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Free Discovery Tour: Viking Age Expansion Arrives Next Month

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is getting a free expansion next month. Discovery Tour – The Viking Age tour will turn 9th century England into an educational tour that allows players to learn more about the Viking culture and locations.

The expansion is based on the same premise as previous Assassin’s Creed Discovery tours where combat is removed from the game so that players can learn more about the history and environment without distractions. This effectively turns the game into a museum. This time, there will not be guided tours. Instead, players will take part in quests as different characters. They will have different objectives, and players will interact with the Discovery Sites. This is a way to learn more about the Viking Age and Anglo-Saxons.

Discovery Tour: Viking Age has been created with the help of historians and archaeologists. You will find references to items in collections such as the UK’s Hampshire Cultural Trust and Preston Park Museum & Grounds. There are also York Archaeological Trust, The British Library, France’s Reunion des Musees Nationalaux and the National Museum of Denmark. S, PC, Amazon Luna, and Stadia. If you are interested but don’t have the game, you can purchase Discovery Tour in Viking Age separately. However, they will need to wait until early 2022.

Ubisoft still has plenty of content planned for Valhalla despite the release of The Siege of Paris . last month. Update 1.3.1 was just released last week. It introduced a new combat difficulty and weapons, as well as additional River Raid maps. A revised roadmap revealed that another major title update will arrive at the same time as Discovery Tour. It will be called Viking Age ,. However, it is not known what will be included.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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