GAMING: Battlefield2042 Has Been Delayed Until Later This Year

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With 2021 being such a turbulent year of delays and development woes, it is not surprising to hear about another game missing its release date. Many studios recently made the decision to shift their efforts towards a 2022 release, such as Dying Light 2 or Lost Ark. The Battlefield 2042 team has announced a new delay. However, it is only changing the launch date from October to September 19..

Due to the difficult development of the game during the pandemics, EA, Dice and other Battlefield teams announced via Twitter that Battlefield 2042 would take a little longer, but will be available this year. The full statement is

We have decided to move the launch of Battlefield 2042.. The game will now be released worldwide on November 19th, 2021.

Building the next generation Battlefield in the midst of a global pandemic presented unexpected challenges to our development teams. We had hoped that our teams would return to our studios as we work towards launch, given the game’s scale and complexity. We feel it is essential to give our players the Battlefield 2042 experience. Unfortunately, the current conditions are not conducive to that.

Your enthusiasm for the game was very inspiring. We are confident in the game we are making and thank you for your patience while we finish the details.

Updates to the Open Beta will follow later in the month.

With a complex multiplayer game like Battlefield 2042,, it’s important for developers to ensure that it goes out with the right polish. The team has not abandoned the plans for a global launch and is still open to running an open beta. We cannot wait to get into tornados and do crazy tricks in and out a moving plane.

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