GAMING: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Q&A With Joel Nystrom, CEO Of Ludocity

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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl promises to be a fascinating game for both old and new fans. This multi-platform fighting game brings together many characters from Nickelodeon’s universe. Michelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Invader Zim and Cat Dog, Lucy Loud and Nigel Thornberry are just a few of the characters featured in this multiplayer platform fighting game. We debuted Patrick Star’s heavy-grille moveset earlier today. This week, Joel Nystrom, CEO at Ludosity, was available to give us his insight.

How did the team choose the characters that would work well on the roster of over a decade-worth of Nickelodeon shows?

It was a joint effort by Ludosity, GameMill and all of us pushed for our favorite characters and wanted to make sure we had a lineup that we all could agree on. We wanted fun characters from shows we enjoyed, so we included some other unlikely choices like Nigel Thornberry.

Can we expect live-action Nickelodeon characters? Will there be any All that characters? Or something from Are you afraid of the dark ??

We don’t currently have any live-action characters in the base lineup. We don’t know what the future holds, so for now we will be focusing on cartoon characters. We feel it fits better with the rest of our roster, and can do a bit more with them.

What factors go into the decision to revive characters such as Powdered Toast Man

He’s fun. Videogames can be very entertaining. It’s a fantastic match. Based on their reactions, it seems that he has really connected with the fans.

We’ve seen gameplay footage of a stage from the Avatar series. Were there any characters from The Legend of Korra or the original series?

Hopefully your favorite! All in due time.

What was the reasoning behind rolling back net code for online gaming? What is the importance of online play for the team?

Online and competitive play are very important to us. Rollback is available, as well as a fantastic lobby system for both casual and ranked play.

What features and modes can players expect in multiplayer or online mode?

You can play in lobbies and online with Quick Match. All modes are available, even Sports Ball, which we brought over from Slapcity. It’s sport with balls!

Fighting game fans seem to have taken notice of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Is it a competitive sport?

Yes, we do.

Was competitive play considered when you planned for the game’s release?

Yes, that was a suggestion from Nickelodeon long before we had a publisher. It has been there from day one.

How many characters will you be using for All-Star Brawl’s initial release? What are your plans for DLC characters or stages later on? These characters might be available post-launch.

At launch, there will be 20 characters, with 2 more following soon after. After that, additional DLC characters will be revealed. Keep checking back!

Many of the characters have iconic voices. Are the original actors voicing the characters? Who is onboard?

Our goal was to create the best gameplay experience possible for core brawling fans as well as Nickelodeon enthusiasts around the world. This isn’t as easy as it seems. As we build Nick All-Star Brawl, we will be looking at all options. We may even add VO down in the future.

There’s an obvious analogy to games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. What makes Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl different from other platform fighters.

It differs in small ways. You can see the extensive gameplay walkthrough that we have released (Editor’s Note: Watch the video below), which was just released. We want to make it easier for new players to use the controls. For example, turning in our game is easier than usual. However, we still offer the full range of competitive play that the scene demands.

Will there be any references Nick fans might not expect? Could you please give us any clues as to where you looked in the catalog for this game?

Every move in the game is based on the Nickelodeon shows. Literally, every move can be traced back at something from the Nickelodeon universe. These are our hopes that the players will discover them for themselves. It has been amazing to see fans connect what they have seen, and we are excited for them all to play the game to discover more.

Ren, and Stimpy have been officially revealed. Are they distinct characters or work in tandem?

Ren, Stimpy and other characters are in the game. They form a single character called a duo! Due to the interaction between them, we wanted a duo character. Plus, there is room for another character in the base

. Did your team have any problems with Nickelodeon allowing certain characters to play the game?

Not at all. Nickelodeon was open to all suggestions, except for a few characters with global licensing issues. They were very supportive and enthusiastic about our collaboration with them.

Does the team have an internal meta for character selection?

No, because we have different play styles and gravitate towards different characters. I get my butt kicked regardless of who I play against.

We can’t wait for the meta to take off and will be closely monitoring the balance.

Will music from these popular TV shows be used within the game?

The music is brand new, but heavily references the source material.

Do you know of a release date?

October 5th, baby!

There you have it! All the answers to all my questions about Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Joel Nystrom clarified that the platform fighter will be available on October 5th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Which Nick character are you excited to play as? Do you have any other characters that you would like to see in the game’s launch? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments

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