OPINION: A Vaccine Mandate Is Neofascist

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Around the country, even the world, we are seeing the expansion of control resulting from the marriage of government, big tech, and big business. In particular, the tyrant who is President Joe Biden will now require vaccinations for all federal workers. At the same time, he and the mendacious Anthony Fauci are encouraging all businesses to impose the same requirement on their employees.

A hundred years ago, the world watched as several governments imposed radical policies on their populations by inducing private businesses to do the government’s bidding. We are watching the same thing being done in a land once notable for its freedom. We used to call what we are seeing today “fascism.”

A constituent recently told me that she and her husband, both highly skilled healthcare workers, are being threatened with termination from their jobs because they refuse to get the vaccine.

These “frontline” healthcare workers, who were “essential” employees during the crisis a year ago, were hailed broadly as heroes, and risked their personal health by showing up to work day after day to treat the ill, are now threatened with the loss of their employment.

Seems unfair, doesn’t it?

Many healthcare companies and hospitals received substantial amounts of federal dollars to sustain them during the COVID-19 economic difficulties. Their employees put their lives on the line. And now the companies want to throw their employees into the dumpster.

Well, it looks like they are recruiting lower-skilled and lower-wage workers from other countries to come in to replace our healthcare heroes of last year.

The left-wing media and haters in Hollywood love the idea of dividing the country along vax /no-vax lines. They spew toxic, fake news with the authority of the ignorant.

One wonders if any of them have noticed the infirmity of their arguments. I suspect they are unaware of recent reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have actually changed the definition of “vaccine.”

Under the previous definition , a vaccine would help the body produce immunity to a disease. The logic was that a person who had been inoculated would most likely be immune to the disease. The people at risk to catch the illness would then include only the unvaccinated.

As even the CDC director has admitted, the protection ostensibly provided by the vaccine against COVID-19 is waning . And there seems to be an unusually high number of individuals who have been inoculated and are contracting COVID .

Thus, in a move consistent with George Orwell’s Big Brother, our CDC has decided to redefine “vaccine” to reflect the unique COVID results. From Olympus, the new “health speak” will define a vaccine as “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

A vaccine in the past would allow a vaccinated person to come into contact with an ill, unvaccinated person with a high degree of safety against contracting the disease. Back in the day, the MMR and smallpox vaccines actually provided immunity against those diseases, but in our brave new world, the COVID-19 vaccine will merely “stimulate” an immune response.

In short, the COVID vaccine will not, according to the CDC, provide immunity against COVID.

Healthcare workers who were widely considered heroes even a few months ago but do not want to get a vaccine of declining efficacy that does not seem to provide the security of immunity previously recognized in vaccines will be fired by healthcare companies that are already shorthanded. This seems short-sighted and neofascist.

Andy Biggs represents Arizona’s 5th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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