RESEARCH: A Preliminary Framework For Better Urban Agroforestry

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Released: 14-Sep-2021 4: 55 PM EDT

Pathways to production

Sandia National Laboratories

Biologists at Sandia National Laboratories developed comprehensive software that will help scientists in a variety of industries create engineered chemicals more quickly and easily. Sandia is now looking to license the software for commercial use, researchers said.

Released: 14-Sep-2021 4: 25 PM EDT

Investigators Uncover Cellular Pathway Involved in Cancer Growth


A hallmark of cancer is its ability to replicate, a process commonly driven by the reactivation of the telomerase enzyme complex, which helps prevent the aging and death of healthy cells and keeps stem cells in bone marrow and the intestines from producing normal cells in those organs. When telomerase is activated in cancer cells, it helps them survive and duplicate in the body.

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Released: 14-Sep-2021 1: 10 PM EDT

Peachy Robot: A Glimpse into the Peach Orchard of the Future

Georgia Institute of Technology

Researchers are developing a robot that utilizes deep learning to automate certain aspects of the peach cultivation process, which could be a boon for many Georgia peach farms grappling with a shortage of workers. The self-navigating robot uses an embedded 3D camera to determine which trees need to be pruned or thinned, and removes the branches or peaches using a claw-like device attached to its arm.

Released: 14-Sep-2021 12: 45 PM EDT

Researchers find eco-friendly way to dye blue jeans

University of Georgia

Researchers from the University of Georgia developed a new indigo dyeing technology that’s kinder on the planet. The new technique reduces water usage and eliminates the toxic chemicals that make the dyeing process so environmentally damaging. And to top it off, the technology streamlines the process and secures more color than traditional methods.

Released: 14-Sep-2021 12: 15 PM EDT

Mayo researchers link gut microbiome to rheumatoid arthritis prognosis

Mayo Clinic

A significant indicator of whether a patient with rheumatoid arthritis will improve over the course of disease may lie in part in their gut, according to new research from Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine. The study, published in Genome Medicine, found that predicting a patient’s future rheumatoid arthritis prognosis could be possible by zeroing in on the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that inhabit their gastrointestinal tract, known as the gut microbiome. The findings suggest that gut microbes and a patient’s outcome of rheumatoid arthritis are connected.

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