SPACE: Raytheon To Acquire Space Electronics Supplier SEAKR Engineering

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by Sandra Erwin —

SEAKR is developing the Pit Boss data processing system for DARPA’s Blackjack constellation. Credit: SEAKR Engineering

Pending regulatory approvals. SEAKR will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Intelligence & Space

WASHINGTON — Raytheon Technologies announced Sept. 14 it intends to acquire SEAKR Engineering, a privately owned supplier of space electronics based in Centennial, Colorado.

Pending regulatory approvals. Raytheon Intelligence & Space will own SEAKR.

This acquisition follows Raytheon’s takeover in December of Blue Canyon Technologies, a Colorado-based satellite manufacturer.

“With SEAKR Engineering, we are enhancing our capability to provide qualified space systems faster,” said Roy Azevedo, president of Raytheon Intelligence & Space.

SEAKR, founded in 1981, has more than 540 employees.

The company is working on one of the key technologies for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Blackjack satellite system. In March DARPA awarded SEAKR a $60.4 million contract to develop a data processing and artificial intelligence system known as “Pit Boss” that will allow Blackjack satellites to operate autonomously.

Blackjack is a project to demonstrate the use of small satellites in low Earth orbit to provide services like communications, missile warning and navigation.

In March 2020, SEAKR was selected by Lockheed Martin to help develop a satellite communications payload for the U.S. Space Force under the Protected Tactical Satcom (PTS) program. In April, Lockheed Martin was removed from the Space Force’s Protected Tactical Satcom (PTS) program and NASA selected Boeing and Northrop Grumman as prototypes.

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