Minnesota’s city is now home to ‘climate migrants’. Could Canada follow suit?

” Canadian governments are, for the most parts, further behind in recognising that there will be an issue with increasing demand for relocation,” says Jason Thistlethwaite (University of Waterloo climate risk specialist). He says that Canada is facing the risk and costs of inaction.

In 2021, the cost of natural disasters soared to US$280 billion, according to a report released this week by a large European insurance provider. Of that, just $120 billion was insured, meaning many others were on the hook for the costs of the cleanup.

“We are still in the initial stages of understanding climate migration in Canada,” Thistlethwaite says. “But it’s only getting worse .”

One of the problems of planning for the future is the dearth of data about climate risk.

” The information is hidden; it’s amazing detective work,” Thistlethwaite said about the efforts to find flood maps and other information that could help inform planning decisions.

He says that complacency is the other.

” We already have migration as the result of climate change,” he insists. “We don’t want it .”

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