Update Chrome right now to patch another dangerous zero-day exploit

At some point in the future, we’ll go a week without having to warn you about another zero-day exploit, but this is not that week. Google rolled out an update for the Chrome browser on desktop this Thursday that features four security fixes, including one for an exploit discovered earlier this week that has been […]

Strategic Brand Management: The Differentiator Between Good and Great Marketing Strategy

Brand management has always been a complicated concept, even for those who have had the chance to work on it themselves. Some reasons are its ever-evolving nature and complex tasks like defining organizational values, brand vision, and influencing customers’ perceptions of your brand. It might seem an overwhelming aspect of marketing, but really, which isn’t? […]

How Unempathetic Technical Employees Can Turn Clients Away from Your Company

The following is adapted from The Smartest Person in the Room. Clients want to know that the people they hire to handle their cybersecurity care about their unique issues and understand their concerns. So when your technical employees lack empathy — and they make it obvious to clients — it can be a real problem […]

The Himiway Cruiser Bike Review

The Himiway Cruiser Bike is fun and a beauty to ride. I love bikes, have many different kinds of bikes, and I ride a lot. This is an all-terrain electric fat bike. You can overcome many obstacles on this bike, including gravel, mountain terrain, off roads, snow, and beach. It couldn’t be a better ride […]

Amazon’s ‘turnover machine’: Inside the NYT’s investigation into the tech giant’s HR practices

Workers in an Amazon distribution center. (Amazon Photo) Amazon’s direct workforce rose by 500,000 people in 2020 — that’s half a million people — to nearly 1.3 million employees. The extraordinary hiring, supporting the rapid expansion of Amazon’s warehouse and delivery operations, raised the natural question: what would be the consequences of all that growth? […]

Neiman Marcus will acquire Stylyze, a Seattle startup that helps online home and fashion retailers

Stylyze founders Kristen Miller (right) and Lisa Perrone. (Stylyze Photo) Luxury retail giant Neiman Marcus Group this week announced that it will acquire Stylyze, a Seattle startup founded in 2010 that sells “merchandising-as-a-service” software to online home and fashion retailers. Stylyze provides retailers with product attribution data, digital outfit and room builders, content creation tools, […]

Immunotherapy startup Umoja lands $210M, less than a year after raising $53M

Umoja Biopharma CEO Andy Scharenberg. (Umoja Photo) New funding: Just seven months after announcing a $53 million Series A round, Umoja Biopharma has raised an additional $210 million in a Series B round. The company is developing immunotherapy treatments for blood-based and organ-based tumors in adult and pediatric patients. Umoja launched in 2019 and is […]

New Pixel 6 leak hints at an exciting camera upgrade

If all goes according to plan, Google should unveil the Pixel 6 in late September o early October, which is the usual launch window for Google’s Pixel flagships. But we won’t have to wait until then to know everything there is to know about the handset. Google’s phones are usually the worst-kept secrets in the […]

The iPhone 12 is dominating the 5G market, despite Apple’s delayed entry

When the first 5G phones launched in the first half of 2019, iPhone 11 rumors were already saying that Apple wouldn’t release a 5G phone along with everyone else. Apple had taken its time deploying 3G and 4G iPhones before, so there was already speculation that the first 5G iPhone would be late to the […]

Facebook says its AI can detect deepfakes and identify their origin

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced to a point where computers can be taught to create “deepfakes” by combining authentic images and videos. We’ve seen some troubling deepfakes already — videos that supposedly show well-known celebrities, that are in fact fake. The results of a deepfake video or photo can be harmless fun, like the image […]

Google might copy Apple’s newest hit product

Apple launched a brand new product this year that sold out quickly after becoming available for preorder, the oft-rumored AirTag tracker that has a unique advantage over all other similar products. AirTags harness Appel’s massive network of devices, most of them iPhones, to provide anonymous, location information about missing items hooked up to the tracker. […]

Apple Watch users keep dialing 911 in their sleep

The Apple Watch is often credited for saving people’s lives, whether it’s by detecting an abnormal heart rate or an accidental fall, or even by notifying emergency services on their behalf. The latter is a security feature built into the Apple Watch that allows people to quickly dial 911 if they need emergency assistance. The […]

Top 10 Reasons Why an Antivirus Is Important By Andrew Lopez

The Importance Of An Antivirus Why do many managed IT service providers place so much emphasis on security? Let’s illustrate with a story. The day begins with you rolling over to your phone to check email. After a shower, breakfast and coffee, and some light workouts, the work day begins. Working from home cuts commute […]

Capabilities of Cloud Supply Chain and Logistics By Rocky Osborn

Back in the day, most supply chains had their strategies built around a more or less stable business environment. While tackling ongoing challenges, the managers had their eyes on cost-effectiveness by introducing lean approaches, establishing cheap local manufacturing, optimizing inventories and supplier base. With the advent of the digitalization era, the business began to revolve […]