Thin, Stretchable Biosensors Could Make Surgery Safer

Newswise — LOS ALAMOS, N.M., June 17, 2021 — A research team from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Purdue University have developed bio-inks for biosensors that could help localize critical regions in tissues and organs during surgical operations. “The ink used in the biosensors is biocompatible and provides a user-friendly design with excellent workable time […]

Alpine plant spins its own flavonoid wool

Newswise — Like the movie version of Spider-Man who shoots spider webs from holes in his wrists, a little alpine plant has been found to eject cobweb-like threads from tiny holes in specialised cells on its leaves. It’s these tiny holes that have taken plant scientists by surprise because puncturing the surface of a plant […]

Simple urine test may help early detection of brain tumors

Newswise — A recent study by Nagoya University researchers revealed that microRNAs in urine could be a promising biomarker to diagnose brain tumors. Their findings, published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, have indicated that regular urine tests could help early detection and treatment of brain tumors, possibly leading to improved patient survival. Early […]

A New Rapid Assessment To Promote Climate-Informed Conservation and Nature-Based Solutions

Newswise — A new article, published as a Perspective in the journal Conservation Science and Practice, introduces a rapid assessment framework that can be used as a guide to make conservation and nature-based solutions more robust to future climate. Climate change poses risks to conservation efforts, if practitioners assume a future climate similar to the […]

Imaging at the tip of a needle

Newswise — Scientists have developed a new technique that could revolutionise medical imaging procedures using light. A team of physicists, led by Dr David Phillips from the University of Exeter, have pioneered a new way in which to control light that has been scrambled by passage through a single hair-thin strand of optical fibre. These […]

Earlier flood forecasting could help avoid disaster in Japan

Newswise — Tokyo, Japan – In Japan, thousands of homes and businesses and hundreds of lives have been lost to typhoons. But now, researchers have revealed that a new flood forecasting system could provide earlier flood warnings, giving people more time to prepare or evacuate, and potentially saving lives. In a study published this month […]

Do Stickleback Fish Provide a Roadmap of Rapid Species Evolution?

Newswise — STONY BROOK, NY, June 18, 2021 – The Threespine stickleback fish is known to have evolved independently from its marine ancestors in thousands of freshwater lakes across the northern hemisphere, a process called parallel evolution. This process appears to occur within decades, providing scientists a unique opportunity to actually observe vertebrate adaptation in […]

Four Day Virtual Operations Management in Changing Times Seminar (July 12-15, 2021) –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Operations Management in Changing Times” conference has been added to’s offering. Operations management is an area of business concerned with the production of goods and services and involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as little resource as needed and effective in terms of meeting […]

Earth from Space: Tana River

ESA / Applications / Observing the Earth The Tana River, Kenya’s longest river, is featured in this false-colour image captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. Click on the image to explore it in its full 10 m resolution and learn about the features in this stunning landscape. The Tana River flows for around 1000 km […]

ESA-led space propulsion test facility passed to UK owner

ESA / Enabling & Support / Space Engineering & Technology The UK’s new National Space Propulsion Facility has been declared open. ESA oversaw the design, assembly and commissioning of the facility – equipped to test-fire the most powerful classes of rocket engines used aboard spacecraft – which will now be managed by the UK Government’s Science […]

Week in images: 14 – 18 June 2021

Chamoli disaster Juice in the Large Space Simulator Thomas with spacesuit Drive to destruction André Kuipers with a European Robotic Arm model on the Space Station The Tana River, Kenya’s longest river, is featured in this false-colour image captured by Copernicus Sentinel-2.   More dWeb.News Space News

University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies Releases the Newest Edition of the Phoenix Scholar<img src="" alt="™" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> Academic Journal

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–University of Phoenix has released the 11th edition of the Phoenix Scholar, its academic research journal. This issue of the periodical captures various perspectives on the challenges facing a world that is overcoming the pandemic. It also focuses on the 2021 Knowledge Without Boundaries (KWB) Summit. The annual KWB Summit enables University of Phoenix […]

Pioneer of Natural History Illustration: The Art and Science of Mark Catesby

By Henrietta McBurney Today, the broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough shares his passion for the natural world with TV audiences across the globe through slick documentaries. These films not only showcase Attenborough’s boundless curiosity for the flora and fauna on our planet, but also educate the viewer about the consequences that we all […]

June’s International Bookshop of the Month – Llibreria Finestres in Barcelona

This month we hear from a brand-new bookshop, Llibreria Finestres, which opened its doors in April. It’s inspiring to see a new bookshop open in a time of such upheaval, against all the odds, and as we hear from them, provide a new haven for readers and writers alike in Barcelona. If you are planning […]

Here’s what I tell teachers about how to teach young students about slavery

Nervous. Concerned. Worried. Wary. Unprepared. This is how middle and high school teachers have told me they have felt over the past few years when it comes to teaching the troublesome topic of slavery. Although I work with teachers in Massachusetts, their reaction to teaching about slavery is common among teachers throughout the U.S. Fortunately, […]

Summer reading: 5 books for young people that deal with race

With a national debate raging about how – or even if – teachers should discuss race in their classrooms, many educators may find themselves uncertain about how to navigate the subject of race. Parents may also find it difficult to broach topics of race in conversations with their teens. As a former junior high teacher […]

Teaching kids social responsibility – like how to settle fights and ask for help – can reduce school bullying

Jonathan B. Santo, University of Nebraska Omaha, Josafa da Cunha, Universidade Federal do Paraná (Brazil) Authors Jonathan B. Santo Professor of Psychology, University of Nebraska Omaha Josafa da Cunha Professor of Educational Psychology, Universidade Federal do Paraná (Brazil) Disclosure statement Jonathan B. Santo received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of […]